Is anyone still out there?

I can’t believe 5 years have passed since I last wrote.

I’m still here.

Not a bride anymore.

I’ve still got my husband.

I’ve also got a mortgage.

And two kids.

It’s been busy.

And I’ve decided to write about it.

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{Inspiration} Art Deco Beauty

Photo credits of Clara Bow (L-R): Here and here

The pics of Clara Bow above epitomize the beauty of the flapper girl: think smokey eyes, dark, bold lips, statement hair, and pearls.

The two looks below are perfect examples of modern interpretations of 1920s/1930s glam. Wouldn’t these looks be great for an engagement shoot or even the reception?

Both pics from Art Deco Weddings

For a South Asian take on the art deco look, look no further than an incredible shoot by Jade Studio Productions. When I first saw the pics on Asian Wedding Ideas, I could not stop drooling–what a perfect meld of art deco style and South Asian bridal beauty!! All the elements are there: the dramatic headpiece, the pearls, the smokey eyes, and the ruby lips. Love, love love.



Love this Oscar look: Mila Kunis

I loved Mila on That 70’s Show and I loved her in the Black Swan. And I especially loved her look at the Oscars. Her hair was simple and pretty, her make up was fresh, and her Elie Saab dress was sexy and romantic.

I absolutely LOVE this colour on Mila. Her choice shows that going with a colour that compliments your skin tone and a dress structure that suits your body shape leads to better results than choosing a trendy colour or trendy shape. The same applies to brides!

Thank God for double-sided tape!

The soft curls, low bun, and side swept bangs are a modern homage to the vintage pin curl look. The hair also perfectly compliments the romantic feel of her dress.

Who was your favourite at the Oscars?



*all images by Getty Images North America via Zimbio



Ok. I’m freaking out. Again. Kinda. Sorta. Blech.

There is a lot going on right now, and I’m feeling uber stressed. My brain’s running a mile a minute, but I don’t seem to be getting anywhere! And it’s not only wedding stuff that’s freaking me out, but LIFE stuff. For example:

-I am changing jobs mid-September

-I am moving out of my current place mid-September

-I have to get ready to pack my stuff

-J and I have to finalize where we’ll live after our wedding. It looks like we’ll get our place September 1–so that means organizing that move, finalizing the finances

-I’m moving back home with my parents for a month before the wedding

-And at the same time, I’m experiencing a lot of interpersonal changes–I have to say goodbye to my roomie, Z, and I think I’m having separation anxiety; I have to say goodbye to all my co-workers, who have become my friends; one of my friends is moving back to Vancouver next week; and as I get closer to the wedding, I’m coming to the realization that I have to officially say goodbye to my family  and start living with…..a boy. omg.

Not to mention…

-I still have no hairstylist (this has been one of the MOST frustrating aspects of this planning. Will vent…I mean post about my experience!!!)

-running into barriers booking a make up artist for my engagement shoot, which is in 4 days!

-i still don’t have any jewelry to wear

-we still don’t have wedding bands

-we still have to get our marriage licence

-we still have to buy our favours and make the boxes (yes. from scratch)

-and a whole shitload of other things

-And to add to this crap, J and I might not be able to afford a honeymoon after all. With our pending move and all the money spent on the wedding, I just don’t know if I want to fork over another few thousand right after the wedding. I dunno. Am I being cheap?


Richha, our wedding planner, told me not to freak out because she’s not freaking out, which makes a lot of sense. She grounded me a bit, but my crazy thoughts are filling my head with helium and I am floating away into a stressed out oblivion. Ok a little overdramatic, but, man, I am totally understanding how brides can turn into Bridezillas. With all this stuff running through my head, my threshold for irritation is low, and I think I might start getting a bit snappy and short with people. Eek. Will try to be very mindful of my actions, words, and tone.

My girls have a karoake night planned tonight, and I think that might be just what I need right now. Some good distraction. Some good/bad singing. And maybe some booze. And I should definitely run on the treadmill tomorrow morning. I have been pretty busy this week and haven’t had a good workout.

But, first, I’m going to tame this forest growing on my forehead–aka get my neanderthal eyebrows threaded!




Inspiration: Reception Lengha

So. After weeks of procrastinating, I have finally decided to do something about my reception lengha. I’ve already got my ceremony lengha (phew), but outfit #2 is still required.

Often, the ceremony outfit is more traditional in style. Usually, brides steer away from trendier looks with the aims of being respectful and humble. Brides tend to show their personalities and take a little more risk with their reception outfits. And that’s definitely what I’m aiming to do. 🙂

I have an appointment with Gaurav at CTC West this Sunday. I first met him atBridalicious (a great workshop for brides at the Park Hyatt in April), though my wedding planner recommended CTC West to me when I started my outfit search. CTC West offers ready to wear and made to measure clothing, but they seem to specialize in custom design, a very attractive option as I am quite….selective (aka picky) and I have not been moved by any reception-esque lenghas I’ve seen. Although the customization process is pretty sweet, it can get pricey and it’s a big risk: my design and measurements are taken in Toronto and sent to India where the garment is made. I won’t see the actual product until a couple months later–all I’ll have are maybe a couple sample pictures and sketches. Kinda risky, but the outcome is worth it!

Gaurav was super friendly, open-minded, and professional (and it doesn’t hurt that he was pretty easy on the eyes), and so I’m excited about working with him!!

I’ve been perusing websites and Indian fashion shows, and I have a pretty good idea of what I want. It’s not set in stone, though. I want feedback about my ideas and am open to  suggestions that CTC West has based on their knowledge.

So here are my inspirations….


glamorous, sexy, elegant, comfortable, unique, proportional (to my figure)


Purple, fuschia, and bling. Yes, bling is a colour! Purple and fuschia are flattering on my skin tone. And I’ll never say no to a little bling! Purple and fuschia are not common (if ever) colour combinations in western wear, but us Indians love to combine bold colours together. Purple and fuschia are quite close on the colour wheel, so they might not match, but they do go together!

All images from


I’m see-sawing between a one-shoulder strap vs. a short blouse with cap sleeves. Pretty pics:

One-shoulder looks:

Love the combo of the sweetheartish neckline and one strap. (L: image from; R: Emilio Sosa design, image from

Short blouse designs:

J likes the pink lengha on the left. Love the necklines on all, but I would nix the sleeves on the pink and turquoise tops. (Clockwise L-R: Saahil design from SouthAsian Bride magazine [online version]; Bipasha Basu in a Neeta Lulla design from; another Saahil design from SouthAsian Bride)

Lengha shape:

For a tutorial on lengha construction, check out this excellent post by Asiya on Aaina Bridal.  Asiya has a wonderful blog that discusses bridal ideas and trends in an informative, visually stunning, and concise way. I’m looking forward to her future posts on different embroidery styles!

So, for the lengha, I’m definitely thinking mermaid style. I want something flowy, not too stiff, and not too poofy. Minimal crinoline is preferred.

If you can look passed their wack poses, these models are wearing gorgeously cut and flattering lenghas. They are fitted, yet have enough flow at the bottom without over the top poof. (Designs by Shennai Couture. Images from SouthAsian Bride Magazine [online version]).


I’m loving the combination of silk with velvet pieces worked into the embroidery (examples are in the Shennai designs above); velvet would fit perfectly in my fall wedding. Colours appear bolder and richer in velvet, creating an elegant and dramatic appeal, with a subtle allusion to royalty.

(Side note: When I’m talking about velvet, I’m talking quality velvet, not crushed velvet a la cheap 80s video chick…e.g.:

This is not what I mean when I talk about velvet. (Image from

Anyway, back to materials. Velvet is super trendy right now, so optimal to incorporate into the reception lengha. Silk is light, flows nicely, and is not as stiff or heavy as georgette or brocade. I look nasty in brocade anyway. It washes me out and looks too old on me.

It’ll be interesting to see what we come up with!! I’ll keep y’all updated! AND, if you have any suggestions/ideas/feedback, please let me know!