About LBB

Bonjour! Je m’appelle littlebrownbride!

I’m a girl. I’m brown. I’m 5’3.5″…so that’s on the little side, but far from a midget (I would like to mention that Banana Republic petite clothes are too small for me). And I got married to the love of my life in October 2010! I starting blogging to chronicle the journey of our fusion Sikh-Punjabi-Filipino-Arabic wedding, and along the way, I realized that I love writing and blogging!

I’m aiming to capture the process of getting married, from ideas and inspiration to (hopefully) helpful and practical information…and what life’s like when you finally get married!

As for other tidbits, I love the French language, but I can barely speak it. I’m Toronto-born and raised.Β  I love eating chips. I am gluten and dairy intolerant. I have a cute husband that snores. My dream job is to be a writer, but I’m not; so until I am (or until I get the guts to leave my non-writing job), this blog will act as my writing and creative outlet.

If you have any questions, comments, concerns that you don’t feel comfortable posting online, please feel free to send me an email: littlebrownbride {at} gmail {dot} com

You can also connect with me on Facebook and Pinterest and Twitter

Merci for dropping by.




13 thoughts on “About LBB

  1. I love the fully integrated richness of your wedding. I love fusion weddings and the opportunity to blend all of those rich cultures together is an overwhelming task, but with a beautiful outcome. I cannot wait til October to see how you’ve managed to pull everything together. I will keep checking in on you to see the latest updates! And feel free to stop by our site, we specialize in cultural & multicultural weddings!! Best wishes

    • Thanks for the love!!
      I’m assuming you’re in the GTA, so here’s my attempt at answering your questions.
      Videographer suggestions: 1) Highly recommend Rafael Ziah Franco. Check out his site at: http://rafaelziahfranco.com/. His team shot our wedding and they were a blast to work with. (If you contact them, let them know LBB recommended them!) 2) Calico Cat Productions: my wedding planner works frequently with this team and she highly recommends them. They are reasonably priced. 3) ask your photographers–they probably have a few videographers they work well with and would recommend to you.
      Regarding DJ–my cousin’s good friends “came out of retirement” to DJ my wedding…but you might want to check out NSPIRE Sound. They work frequently with my planner as well: http://www.nspiresound.com
      Good luck, and keep me updated–whether my suggestions were helpful and who you finally decide to go with!

      LBB πŸ™‚

  2. Hello Darling LLB

    I have been following your blog for awhile, and have used your resources many times to help me with my own wedding coming up.

    You my dear, have great taste, well at least, it seems to be in line with my taste. I wanted to thank you, because without even realizing it, you have helped me skip past many steps from the info and anecdotes on this blog.

    I have some questions for you! Shall I ask you here?

    • Dear Hamster,
      Thanks for your kind words!! I’m glad you have found my resources helpful That means a lot to me. As for your question, if you don’t mind others reading it, pls ask away and I’ll answer on the blog!!
      Thanks for reading!
      LBB πŸ™‚

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