{Inspiration} Art Deco Decor: Balancing Geometry and Romance

Coco Chanel’s mirrored staircase

To continue my discussion on Art Deco inspired colour schemes, today’s post will focus on the elements and details you can incorporate to continue the Art Deco theme in your wedding decor.

Based on my research, Art Deco themed weddings have the potential to take on a costume-y, even Halloween, effect. Designers might over-emphasize the kitschy and obvious, such as tall vases with huge feathers and pearls hanging off or peacock colours everywhere…and it becomes too much…at least for my taste. I am more a fan of the “inspired” look and not the “obvious” look—if that even makes sense. (e.g., pic on the left: not for me.)

For a successful Art Deco look, I think it’s important to emphasize two elements: geometry and romance. Both balance each other out: romantic elements soften harsh geometric lines, and geometry anchors the romance.

How does this translate into real life? Geometric elements include the more “masculine” aspect of Art Deco: architectural inspirations; strong patterns; sharp, repetitive shapes and lines; mirrors; chrome; and black lacquer. In contract, romantic elements include feminine touches, such as light colours, brushed gold, bronze, curves, texture, pearls, and flowers.

For example, the following tables have a fine balance of masculine and feminine materials:

The Queen Mary Ballroom

Art Deco Collection by Ralph Lauren Home

New York apartment from Architectural DigestRed, black lacquer, bold pattern, and golden light

Centrepieces can also represent the style in many ways. You could take inspiration from the NYC skyline that is peppered with Art Deco buildings (think Empire State, Chrysler, Rockefeller Centre) and incorporate architectural elements into your centrepiece by using different sized vases with soft floral arrangements. Maintaining a strong pattern via geometric table cloths/runners or contrasting colour combinations are additional means of subtly infusing art deco.

The following centrepiece examples are quite modern, but I find they have a good balance of masculine and feminine aspects, along with architectural interest. Architecture doesn’t mean “HUGE”; smaller, textured arrangements could actually have more impact. Moreover, replacing the white vases in the below examples with brushed gold or bronze could infuse a vintage feel; possibly even more striking would be to combine brushed gold or bronze with black lacquer or mirrors (a la Coco Chanel’s staircase). Very sexy. Also, roses, calla lillies, and hydrangeas are ideal flowers–they are very soft and romantic. {Click on the following pictures to be redirected to original site.}

Additionally interesting would be to use art deco vases or vases with patterns influenced by art deco style. {Image credits: Clockwise starting from top left: Crackled vase; Skyscraper vase; White & purple vase; Red, white turquoise vase}

{Image credits: L-R: White vase; chrome vase}

And, if you’re feeling fancy, la piece de resistance:

A vintage photo booth!

Typography, fashion, and beauty inspirations to follow (soon)!



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