{Inspiration} Colour me Art Deco!

Continuing my Art Deco Inspiration series, I’ll focus this and the next post on wedding decor.  Decor, in my opinion, is essential to establishing your wedding’s mood. Art Deco design is definitely for the bride and groom who like glamour, are looking for a perfect mix of vintage and modern, and want something a little sexy. There’s also a masculine and industrial feel to the style that might appeal to some grooms–at least when compared to a frilly pink princess theme!

Regarding South Asian and fusion weddings, recall that Art Deco has many influences, including art from ancient Egyptians and Mayans. (I also wonder if imperialism, still the rage in the 1900s, impacted Art Deco style?) Due to its multiple influences, gold, silver, and bronze are elements common to Art Deco, which lend themselves easily to South Asian wedding decor. Contrasting metallics  in South Asian fashion and design, though, metallics in Art Deco are noticeable, but somewhat subdued; they often have a brushed look with a slight sheen.

The patterns, geometry, and colour combinations in Art Deco offer loads of inspiration for colour schemes, linens, table settings, and so on! I created some colour inspirations boards below. When creating the boards, Art Deco posters and textiles served as my jumping off points, almost similar to the interior design process when you choose a painting you love and then design a room around the painting. Along with inspiration from posters and textiles, the colour boards are also influenced by my personal preference for creating a warm and cozy setting amidst glamourous and grand details.

A caveat to start…there’s a lot of black!

Red, gold, & black
{Image credit: Paramount Hotel; Art Deco wallpaper; Parisian poster}

Olive, gold, and black
{Image credit: Vogue cover; Ralph Lauren Art Deco Collection; Art Deco Wallpaper}

Purple, black, and ivory{Image credit: Art Deco wedding; Art Deco cake; Purple textile}

Red, silver, and black

{Image credit: Peninsula Restaurant in Shanghai; Art Deco Fabric}

Some more pretty images for inspiration…

{The Salon by Erte}

{Sampson & Delilah by Erte}

The following prints are by Frank Mcintosh, who designed many covers for Asia magazine through the 1920s and 30s. His work has an interesting combination of Asian and Art Deco styles; granted, some of his work has an air of Orientalism…but, the images are pretty….(ooh, how the 22-year-old-anti-establishment-undergraduate-LBB looks at me from the past with disgust).

{In Agra and On One of the Seven Seas}

{Indian Dance and Winged Guests}

In the next post, I’ll share some pretty table settings!



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