{Inspiration} Art Deco

One of my absolute favourite design styles–for architecture, interior design, and fashion–is Art Deco. Art Deco emerged in Paris in the 1920s and spread internationally over the next 10 to 15 years. It’s influenced by several early 20th century art movements, including Neclassicism and cubism, along with the art of ancient civilizations. Art Deco, from my observations, is marked by geometric patterns with clean lines. It is simultaneously intricate and simple. For me, Art Deco also has a certain coolness factor that I haven’t identified in other art forms. Perhaps its birth during the Roaring 20s–as hemlines rose, bootleg liquor and ‘speakeasies’ proliferated, and Coco Chanel debuted the ‘little black dress’–lends an air of je ne sais quoi to Art Deco; but whatever it is, Art Deco has always, for me, symbolized cool, stylish, and chic.

I first fell in love with Art Deco during a a high school trip to New York City. I was enamoured by the architecture and interior design of buildings like the Chrysler Building and the Empire State Building. I found the colours, shapes, and geometry glamorous, interesting, and surprisingly modern. A solo return trip to NYC in 2009 as a “more worldly” 29 year old continued, if not strengthened, my adoration of Art Deco.

When I got engaged, I really wanted to incorporate Art Deco into our wedding’s style. At the time, though, I wasn’t sure how to fuse Art Deco into my traditional Sikh ceremony and Punjabi reception. I thought the styles were at opposite ends of the spectrum. Also, when I discussed my interest in Art Deco with others, I often got blank stares; one potential vendor even said, condescendingly, “So…you’re artsy, eh?” (I am anything but.) I figured if these creative folk can’t help me, I must be off the mark. I dropped the idea.

But, as I’ve blogged over the past year and seen more weddings, I’ve been revisiting that idea and think that the drama and glamour of Art Deco are perfectly suited to South Asian weddings. With that in mind, I’ve been working on a series of posts exploring how Art Deco architecture, art, and fashion can inspire different elements of South Asian and fusion weddings. Over the next few days, I’ll share my musings and hope that I can also inspire new brides and grooms…and maybe even comfort some “off the mark” brides like me.

As a prelude to upcoming posts, I thought I’d share images of the interior design of some Art Deco buildings…as that is what most enthralls and inspires me.



{Image credits: Feature collage (Clockwise from Top Left): 1920s Fashion; BlogTO; Dreamstime; My Home Design ; Picture 1: my personal photo of the Chrysler Building; Pictures 2, 3, 4 all from Art Deco Weddings}

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