Eyes that Pop by Amplified Soul

Tired of the same, boring make up look?

Then forgo the matchy-matchy eyeshadow and introduce a pair of opposites to your eye make up repertoire:

Thanks to the stylish Shobanna from Amplified Soul for sharing this pic.

The above image is a teaser from the glam Amplified Soul team’s new collection (more to come soon!!). By having fun and playing with colours that contrast and complement your outfit, your face will be the star attraction.

To get this look: choose a base coat that is similar to your outfit colour(s) and then apply a complementary colour on top of your black eyeliner. You will add a pop to your eyes and your make up (and you!) will look amazing in pictures…just like the one above!

(For those wondering what the heck a complementary colour is…complementary colours are those found on opposite sides of the colour wheel, such as red and green. Check out this site for some colour edumacation.)




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