Portraits of Beauty

We all know that, technically, a wedding is about two people coming together and making public vows of their commitments to each other; but we all also very well understand that a wedding is about the beauty and style of the Bride! Sorry, guys, but it’s true.

Below are portraits of two gorgeous brides shot by the dynamic photography duo, Sangeeta and Monty from Kumari Photo & Design. They captured the elegance and effortless beauty of both woman perfectly!! What I find captivating about these photos is that both brides have struck a fine balance between traditional and 21st century bridal looks. On the surface, they both have contrasting styles as their accessories and lenghas are quite different. But, interestingly their make up is  similar: both brides chose a neutral make up route, which highlighted their best features and really enabled their beauty and style to shine through.

Both brides are absolutely stunning and are truly portraits of modern and chic South Asian bridal beauty–in my opinion anyway! Enjoy!

For more pics of both weddings, go here and here.




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