Jaipur Grille: Perfect spot for an intimate gathering

Jaipur Grille: Image via 49st.com

Our first anniversary passed in October, which is kinda hard to believe!  When thinking about how to celebrate, J and I were pretty ambivalent. We went back and forth between hosting a big party with all the bells and whistles or having a small dinner with our immediate families or doing nothing at all. Truth be told, I really wanted another party to plan (I loved planning our wedding reception), but decided on a small dinner when we considered all the prep and money involved with a big party.

After scouring different restaurants, J and I decided on Jaipur Grille, an Indian restaurant in the Yonge-Eglinton area of Toronto. Now, Jaipur Grille has been around since 2004 and has quite the excellent reputation. It was voted Best Indian Restaurant by dine.to voters in 2009, so it’s not like I made a major discovery. However, J and I had never eaten there and took a risk hosting our 18 person dinner there.

The service at Jaipur Grille was excellent, and especially excellent considering that we made reservations only 6 days in advance.  The owner, Suresh, was prompt in his phone calls and emails, not to mention an incredibly sweet person. He invited me to meet with him and his manager at the restaurant a few days before the dinner. Based on my budget per person, we worked out an extensive family-style menu, as follows:


Dahi vada & chaat; Veggie Platter (samosas, onion bhajis, pakoras)

Main Dishes:

Butter chicken; Chicken Korma; Baigan Hydrabadi (eggplant); Subzi Hara Masala (mixed veggies)


Mango Kulfi; Mango Mousse; Gulab Jamam


Rice palau, Naan, Raita

Drinks were extra, but still reasonable.

The food was DELICIOUS and the price was RIGHT! My mother and grandmother even approved of the food–their approval is hard to come by!

Also, what I really liked was the simple decor. The colour scheme of grey, black, white, and red was a nice contrast to the garish colour schemes and stereotypical artwork common to most Indian restaurants. The manager mentioned plans to re-paint the restaurant yellow because the colour yellow induces hunger. I hope that doesn’t happen, though!!

Inside Jaipur Grille from the back section looking out. Image via here

To spruce up our tables a bit and add some colour to the all white table setting,  I decided to add some centrepieces, and the restaurant was obliging. I got a great deal on the arrangements! I bought  vases from Dollarama for $2 each. For the flowers and arrangement, I paid $10 per centrepiece at King West Flowers. So $12 per centrepiece–not bad! The flowers added a nice touch and helped to punctuate the evening’s simple celebration.

I would highly recommend Jaipur Grille for any intimate wedding-related celebration, including engagements and anniversaries. I didn’t ask if they do this, but I think hosting an intimate wedding reception there would also be quite lovely.

Suresh can be reached at: suresh@jaipurgrille.com




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