Eye Candy

I’ve been working on a presentation for work for several days now and this entire evening. The big day is tomorrow/today. I should be getting to sleep, but I need to replace my presentation thoughts with other thoughts so that I can actually fall asleep. And I got to thinking, what’s better than pretty thoughts?

Here are some pics that have caught my eye over the last week or so…

Gorgeous Crystal Bridal Set from Blossom Box

Awesome hair and gorgeous hair jewelry from Lakme Fashion Week:

Super sexy and classy lengha from CTC West: This is my dream lengha because it can serve double duty. You can wear this for the wedding ceremony and then take off the coat and show off the sexy blouse for the reception. It’ll be the same lengha for two occasions, yes, but you can style it differently for two unique looks! (Hmm…photo shoot idea, maybe??) For example, the model looks very much like a sweet Indian girl, but take off that coat, let down her hair and throw in some sexy waves, put on some contrasting jewels, up the bling factor, amp up the make up, and voila–she’ll look like a super hot and sexy bride ready for the wedding night…and she’ll have money left over for the honeymoon because she didn’t blow the budget on two outfits! yeehaw!

Gorgeous saris from Vogue India:

Love you long time, Sabyasachi.

You have my heart again, Mr. Malhotra.

Loving this look and the blouse is hot, Tarun Tahiliani.

All that glitters is gold, Rina Dhaka

Best hair piece ever (photo by Chris Nicholls; picture from here🙂

I’m on vacation starting Friday at 4:30 pm. CAN.NOT.WAIT. After a hectic weekend, J and I will be flying off to the lovely isle of St. Lucia. I might post some pics from my vacay to make you all jealous….muwahahahaaaa….





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