Wedding Cinema–Film Style Weddings

Jawad from Film Style Weddings contacted me a while back to feature a wedding he shot back in May 2011. I’ve been so crazy busy with real life that I haven’t had the chance to fulfill Jawad’s request–Jawad, please accept my apology.

I first came across Jawad from Film Style Weddings at the most recent Bridalicious. I was impressed by his presentation and was excited when he approached me about featuring his video. Film Style Weddings is a boutique wedding studio offering cinematography to clients across the world. Their aim is to meet, connect and form ongoing friendships with their clients so they can offer a product that is truly designed for them.

Please check out wedding highlights from Annum and Saad’s Toronto wedding! Jawad had the following to say about the couple: “We met Annum mid last year, but didn’t get to meet up with Saad until a few months ago since he is from Boston. Although it’s always good to meet the couple before the wedding, we learned a lot about Saad very much through Annum–and that really is a testament to their wedding.”

Mendhi venue: Fuzion Banquet Halls

Reception venue: Paradise Banquet Hall

Decor: Dream Party Decor

(On a separate note, I have to apologize for my long absence. It’s just been so busy lately and I haven’t had time to devote to blogging! And just as I thought things were winding down, I find out I have to move AGAIN! Soo…it’s going to be hectic the next little while and so my blogging will be scarce…however, follow me on Facebook, as I will probably be updating my status regularly!! I am writing this post as J is getting boxes ready to start packing so I better go!)



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