Love these Looks: Bright lips

I used to shy away from bold lip colours, but I have grown an affinity for them recently! I currently have bright red and bright fuschia pink lipsticks, and I am thinking about going tangerine! The key to bright lipstick is to keep the rest of the face soft and relatively neutral. Though I don’t think choosing a trendy lip colour is the way to go for your wedding day, I think it would be fun to choose for a pre-wedding event or if you’re a wedding guest! And if you’re the bride’s trendy little sister.

Check out some bright lip inspiration!

Sonam Kapoor


Anne Hathaway


Fan Bing Bing

Kirsten Dunst

Mandy Moore

All images from Vogue India.




4 thoughts on “Love these Looks: Bright lips

  1. I totally agree about not experimenting with bright colors that you’re not used to on the day of your wedding…. But I love love love deep red, hot pink and tangerine shades of lipstick….wish I had more confidence to wear them more often!

    • I also think Weddings are not a time for experimenting…pre wedding events I think are more appropriate for taking a risk. As for bright lipstick, just try it! I always though it wasn’t for me because i don’t have fill lips, bit I got over it. Lol

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