Bridalicious Vendor Spotlight: Decor

If you’ve been reading my blog, you know that I love wedding decor. It is one of my top priorities for wedding planning, and I pity the fool who dismisses decor as irrelevant. Attention to detail is what makes your wedding memorable, and decor is the way to show that attention and a way to represent you and your fiance.

The decor at Bridalicious was stunning! It was amazing to see the different ways the decorators interpreted the theme “Secret Garden”, and you definitely got a sense of their individual aesthetic and and artistic nature. My highlights are below!

Nisha Chandra Events

Nisha and I have been emailing back and forth for a few months, and it was such a pleasure meeting her at Bridalicious. She is an absolute delight, and I would love to work with her! I’ve got to be honest–I’m not a huge fan of green and yellow (don’t know why that is), but she converted me with her  table design!! It was romantic and unique, and I can totally imagine myself enjoying a lovely meal, good conversation, and (several) glasses of wine at the table. Incorporating a garden into the table and covering it with a glass top was magnifique! The only problem with me sitting at that table would be inhibiting my tactile-seeking behaviours–I love to TOUCH things, and I can imagine myself touching the flowers and moss under the tabletop all night. I actually wish I could touch the yellow flowers in the pictures right now!!

Sara Baig Designs

I LOVED Sara’s blue and white take on the garden theme. Maybe it was the blue/white combo, I just remember feeling serene while standing next to her table. The attention to detail was phenomenal, and I felt like a bit of a stalker because I couldn’t stop taking pictures! She had a hand-painted cookie, for goodness sake! I also had a long chat with Sara and I fell instantly for her warm disposition and approachable energy. She would be awesome to collaborate with!

Karma Design Studio

I didn’t really get a chance to speak Piyush, the Event Designer from Karma Design. The table setting was ELABORATE with the incredibly tall and detailed centrepiece. The table is not one that I would naturally gravitate towards, but I think that’s because I have an innate aversion to tall centrepieces. Maybe it’s because I’m short, and I’m traumatized by the many weddings I’ve attended where my view was blocked by a huge plant. Who knows? However, I can certainly appreciate the layers of thought and design that went into this table’s art.

Berries & Blooms

I unfortunately did not get to meet Natasha from Berries & Blooms, which is a full service floral and decor company. Natasha decorated two small round tables and had a special giveaway for a lucky raffle winner at Bridalicious. Based on her table designs, I didn’t get a good sense of her aesthetic and style–not to say that I didn’t like what she had. In fact, her centrepieces were pretty, but I guess compared to the other full tables, I left feeling a little underwhelmed.

The Perfect Setting

Naphisha provided the decor for my wedding, which I’ve raved about. She also provided the wider decor and set up for Bridalicious, and it was so great to run into her. I haven’t seen her since before the wedding! As usual, her work was pretty amazing. The centrepiece for this table is a great statement piece; it’s obviously not meant for a dinner table, but definitely great in the entrance or in the centre of a round, levelled buffet or dessert table.

More Bridalicious pics to come!




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