Vendor Spotlight: Maharani Bride Jewelry

Finding wedding jewelry was one of the least enjoyable aspects of my wedding planning. In fact, I wasn’t really motivated to look for jewelry at all!! Much of it could be linked my perceived lack of  quality and modern Indian jewelry options in Toronto. Some of it also had to do with me being a downtown and east end girl and dreading any trips to the west end where South Asian stores abound in excess. When it came to jewelry, I just didn’t have the patience to go store to store and I wished someone would just come to me with jewelry in hand!

And so imagine my delight when I saw an email in my inbox from Maharani Bride. Granted, it was a few weeks ago, and I’d already been married for 5 months at this point, but I was so happy to hear about a new and creative jewelry venture in Toronto!!

Maharani Bride was recently launched by a former bride who was similarly frustrated by the lacklustre jewelry options in the GTA. For several months, Maharani Bride researched and connected with vendors in India and abroad that produce jewelry comparable to pieces you see on the runways and on celebrities–resulting in wallet-friendly,  accessible, and on trend bridal jewelry in the GTA! Maharani Bride provides complete bridal sets for wedding ceremonies and modern sets for receptions. Their collection reflects the diversity of Indian culture, and they provide pieces that cater to North and South Indian brides.

Maharani Bride is unique in two aspects. One, they primarily rent out their bridal sets, an attractive option as brides rarely wear their wedding jewelry again. They do, however, have pieces that can be pre-ordered. Maharani Bride is  also unique because they meet YOU at mutually convenient location to pick up and drop of sets, which is music to this downtown-girl-I-don’t-own-a-car’s ears.

Pieces from Maharani Bride’s collection are shown below. To see their full collection, including pieces that are for sale, please check out their facebook page! They can also be reached at

You can't get more bridal than this set!

A Real Maharani Bride!




One thought on “Vendor Spotlight: Maharani Bride Jewelry

  1. The pearls are gorgeous! I’m a downtown bride too, with a TTC pass. I’ve found that very few 416/905 South Asian wedding vendors cater to us, so this is great news!

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