Shoes or cake? I choose Shoes

I’ve been under the weather for the past 5 days now  feeling incredibly sorry for myself. I’ve been watching reality TV and Hindi movies, and I feel like my brain has turned to mush. Much to the chagrin of J, I’ve now made him sick and we have been listlessly and pathetically mulling around our condo for way too long.

I have some post ideas in the works, but since I was feeling so sorry for myself, I decided to do what I love–search for designer shoes online and blog about it! Specifically, I decided to look for some designer footwear fit for a South Asian bride. Many people probably wouldn’t agree with me, but I truly believe that if you can afford it, your bridal shoes should be designer. And even if you can’t afford it, I think you could cut something out of your wedding budget–honestly, do you REALLY need that 5-tier cake that costs $700 that none of your guests will eat? OR do you REALLY need a pair of gorgeous Jimmy Choos that might cost as much as the cake, but you’ll have forever and ever and each time you wear them, you’ll feel fabulous?? What gives you a better return on your investment??

I don’t know about y’all, but I choose the Choos over cake any day.

Drool-worthy Choos from

As much as I love being Canadian, I do envy Americans for their plethora of designer shoe choices. Holy mackerel–Holts, David’s, and any Yorkville boutique shoe store do not measure up. I went searching on American department store sites, and below is a collection of my so-far favourite shoes. I tried to make a collage of the shoes, but it didn’t work out, so I have them posted one at a time!

The shoes below highlights some of my favourite gold and silver shoes–two metallics that will almost always go with our South Asian outfits.

Badgley Mishka shoes from

Jimmy Choo from

Kate Spade from

Another Kate Spade from

Christian Louboutin from

Manolo Blahniks from

Another pair of Manolos from

And now for some fun options for bridal outfits, pre-wedding events, bridal showers and stagettes!

Patent leather and mesh shoe by Brian Atwood (from A perfect stagette shoe, no?

Amazing colour block shoe by Fendi (from

Beautiful fuchsia Kate Spade from This would look beautiful with a fuschia lengha or as a contrasting shoe colour!

Multi-coloured sequin Manolog Blahnik shoe from This is a multi-purpose shoe!

Awesome black & white shoe by Tabitha Simmons (from

Sexy lace peep toe pump by Valentino from I think this is the perfect honeymoon shoe!

So, what’s your verdict–designer shoes or cake?






8 thoughts on “Shoes or cake? I choose Shoes

  1. Shoes baby Shoes!!!
    I’m TOTALLY with you on this one!

    I don’t even REMEMBER seeing cakes at weddings I’ve been to.
    Waste of money if you’re sacrificing on good shoes!

    The important thing to note, also, is that brand name shoes, with the right cut for your foot, are MUCH more comfortable and durable…and you can wear them again and again, if you get the right ones.

    Cake Smake!!

    I’m breaking mine in as we speak!

  2. Yaaah!

    I should start a “Shoes instead of Cake” campaign. Forget Harper and Ignatieff, it’s all about Choo and Louboutin! hahaha.

    Totally agree with you on the comfort level. Jimmy Choos are one of the best brands for my feet. I have very narrow and small feet, and Choos are cut just for me! I’ve got two pairs, both which I can wear for hours on end. I danced ALL night in my 3.5″ Choos on my wedding night without any blisters the following day. LOVE THEM.

    Although Manolos are really nice, I have never found them comfortable. It’s all about the right cut for your foot.

  3. Shoes! but then according to my mom what’s the point of getting married if you don’t have a wedding cake? hhaha..yeah she’s so dramatic. I love the BM shoes…and the Valentino lace shoe. I LOVE Valentino…

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