DIY: Invitations

As some of you may recall, J and I designed and made our invitations. Now, let me tell you–making 150 invitations with multiple inserts, from scratch, is a huge endeavour and recommended only for those who: a) are creative; b) have a clear wedding vision; c) have patience; d) have an army of siblings and cousins to cut, glue, paste, stick, and stack; and, e) have a slight penchant for self-punishment.

I talked about our invitation design process here and here and NOW I’ll finally tell you how we did it! There were several mini-tasks, and I will do my best to break it down:


The Paper Place

The Paper Depot

Bizzy B’s

Phillips Copy Centre


Paper cutter

Paper Scorer

Adirondack embossing powder in eggplant

Adirondack stamp in eggplant

Ink jet printer

Purple cardstock (weight: 141 lbs)

8.5 x 11 Shimmer Silver paper

5 X5 Shimmer Silver envelopes

RSVP Shimmer Silver envelopes

Pink and silver chiyogami paper (Chiyogami 823)

Double sided tape

Yamato Glue stick

You must buy this Yamato Glue--nothing compares! Ours is from The Paper Place.









General Overview:

We had a bi-fold invitation, with a side pocket for inserts. We used heavy weighted card stock for the main invitation and used lighter weight silver paper for inserts, on which we printed the text. Because the main invitation card stock was a dark colour, we decided to use a modified embossing method to place the Ik Onkar symbol on the invitation’s cover. We then used strips of Japanese Chiyogami paper to add colour and pattern to the invitation.

For those of you who would consider making your own invitations, here’s the step by step process!

How we made the outside cover and pocket fold:

1. We cut purple cardstock into 5.5″ X 13.25″ rectangles using a paper cutter

2.  Next, we embossed the Ik Onkar symbol on the cardstock. Here’s a pick of our embossing material:

Embossing powder, stamp, dryer, stamp pad. All material is from Bizzy B's

Ik Onkar stamp up close. From Bizzy B's

Here’s a tutorial on embossing. I am posting the link because J modified the technique. We embossed the Ik Onkar symbol on the purple cardstock; because the cardstock was so thick, the usual stamping method didn’t work. J skipped the stamp and printed the Ik Onkar sympbol on the cardstock, using an inkjet printer, sprinkled the embossing powder, and then heated it. He used a fine brush to clear off excess sprinkles. Here is the final product:

The embossed Ik Onkar!

3. After embossing, J used the paper scorer to mark the folds on the cardstock. We marked folds at 5.5″ and 11″. A paper scorer is a MUST if you are making your own invitations!

It really is a scoring pal! Paper scorer is from The Paper Place

4. Using double sided tape, we taped down the 2 1/4″ wide flap onto the inside of the invitation card, forming the pocket fold for the inserts.

5. We cut the Chiyogami 823 paper into 5 3/4″ x 1″ strips. We cut two strips for each card. One strip was glued on the cover and the other on pocket fold. The excess paper was snipped off using scissors.

Wall of chiyogami paper at The Paper Place. I love me some chiyogami! Our paper is the one that's sticking out.

6. We made 1″ squares of our monograms and glued a monogram  on each cover.

How we made the inserts:

1. We designed all inserts in Adobe Photoshop. We had 4 different sized inserts:

  • Main invitation text: 4 3/4″ x 4 3/4 “
  • Wedding ceremony insert: 5 1/4″ x 4 3/4″
  • Celebration insert: 5 1/4″ x  3 3/4″
  • RSVP insert: 4 3/4″ x 2 3/4″

2. All inserts were printed on Shimmer Silver paper in dark purple ink. We found the border for each insert on

Main invitation insert glued on inside of card. Shimmer silver paper is from The Paper Place.

Individual inserts tucked into the pocket fold with the strip of chiyogami 823 paper

Et, voila!

The front cover of our invitation

Inside of our invitation!

The invitations turned out to be simple and elegant. We owe a BIG THANK YOU to our siblings and cousins for their effortless work and unlimited patience. We could not have made and mailed these invitations without you. Merci.

Designing and making our invitations was the most satisfying aspect of our wedding planning. J and I collaborated throughout, and I really learned a lot about me and about us as a couple. I learned that I am a creative soul and was relieved to learn that J is just as anal retentive and neurotic as me! LOL (Loved designing the cards with you, babe. xoxoxo.)

Also, as it’s not mentioned above, we purchased the purple card stock from The Paper Depot and did our printing at Phillips Copy Centre. Both vendors are located in Scarborough.




2 thoughts on “DIY: Invitations

  1. Hello LBB,

    We are just in the process of putting our invitations in the mail (we ordered from parekh cards), but were wondering if you had mailing labels at all? And if not, how did you address them?

    Love your blog!



    • Hi Sarah,
      We printed the guests’ and return addresses on transparent labels that we bought from Staples. Unless you are an excellent calligrapher, I recommend printing addresses on labels–it just looks clean.

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