The Details: Reception Fashion

As promised, I’m posting pics of our reception outfits—well, mostly of my outfit! LOL! I loved my reception lengha–it fit me very well, I felt super sexy, and it was incredibly comfortable. I DANCED ALL NIGHT IN IT (and in my Choos of course!)!!

As you may recall,  I custom ordered my lengha from CTC West.  The process involves going through their samples and deciding which one you liked best. You can modify aspects of the lengha (e.g., colour, shape of blouse, general placement of embroidery) or combine aspects of two samples together. I changed the shape of the blouse, choosing a neckline and backline that I find flatter me. I also slightly changed around the placement of the embroidery. The lengha was made of a soft brocade silk, embroidered primarily with gold and silver sequins, and silver stones.

Here are some pics…

Back of my blouse

Not the most flattering pic (taken while I was sitting during the "Shoe Game"), but I included it because the colour of the lengha is captured well.

I love hair pieces and was intent on getting one for the reception!! I had one custom designed by Mikki Rizvi from Ever Thine–she did an amazing job, particularly given the fact that she never saw a pic of my lengha (I ordered the hair piece before my lengha arrived) and she based her design on a description I gave her in an email!

I thought I’d post a couple pics of my Choos. I *heart* my Choos. 🙂

And, last but not least, a pic of Mr. J’s sexy suit. The entire suit–the pants, blazer, vest, shirt, and tie–was custom designed by Garrison Bespoke. Loves it! J looked totally hot. Loved the vest because it gave him the option to take off his blazer while he was dancing, but he still looked put together with the vest on.

Bride & groom, hand in hand.

Bridal lengha: CTC West

Bridal jewelry set: Lebas of India

Hair Piece: Ever Thine

Photography: Kumari Photo & Design

Groom’s suit: Garrison Bespoke




5 thoughts on “The Details: Reception Fashion

  1. @ Sundeep: Thanks!! The article was top secret…and now I guess the secret is out. haha.

    @ Sweet Gaurav: You’re making me blush! The fact that it fit like a glove has a big part to do with it!!! I don’t think I own anything that fits me as well as that lengha. Will most def stay in touch!! xo

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