New Page: Ask LBB!

Hey folks,

I’ve added a new page which is, I guess, the equivalent to the brown bride version of “Dear Abby”. It’s your chance to post your musings and questions and test my ability to answer them! So click on “Ask LBB” above, type your question in the comment box, and I’ll post both your question and my response on the page. Hope I can help!

And although these pics have nothing to do with my post, I thought they were pretty, so I’m posting them for your enjoyment!

From Manish Malhotra's Winter Autumn 2010 collection (image from Vogue India)

From Anju Modi's Spring Summer 2011 Collection (image from Vogue India)




3 thoughts on “New Page: Ask LBB!

  1. Hi LBB! I have been following your blog and it has been SO helpful!! I will soon be engaged and am just wondering, on average, how much would an indian wedding cost… including all events- mendhi, sangeet, ceremony and reception?

  2. Hi Bride2be! glad that I have been helpful! I will post your question and my response in the “Ask LBB” page–just go to the top of this page and click on the “Ask LBB” link that’s above the header!

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