Jane Dayus-Hinch is coming to town!

I am a sucker for reality TV, and I am especially a sucker for reality TV with clever, sharp-witted hosts who have a dry sense of humour and who tell it like it is. I also love British accents, which is why I think I am slightly obsessed with Jane Dayus-Hinch from Wedding SOS. I love her and I love her show. If you are reading this with a quizzical expression on your face, please check out her show on Splice. If you’re not Canadian, maybe you can find episodes online?

And so, imagine my shock and utter girlish excitement when I found out that the one and only Ms. Dayus-Hinch is hosting an event in Toronto next week!! Over!Joyed!

Now, I’m wondering if I should go since I’m no longer a bride (ok, I am still littlebrownbride, but that’s just my online persona). Like, will that be weird? I guess I could justify it since I am a wedding blogger (woah. first time I ever called myself that). But, who will I go with? The only other person interested is my sister (she loves Jane just like I do), but she’s working that night. *sigh*. I mean, it’s weird enough that I want to go, but won’t it be even weirder if I go alone?

Anyway, while I ponder these existential questions, I’ll post the details for any brides or Jane-obsessed readers who would like to go! If you do go, and I don’t, could you please let me know how it was? Could you take pictures? A video even? Let me live vicariously through your experience? Please?

Bridal SOS Event with Wedding Guru Jane Dayus-Hinch

Learn tips and advice on how to avoid your own wedding SOS

Jane Dayus Hinch

One of Britain’s Top Wedding Planners, Dayus-Hinch has maintained a first class party planning service for over 20 years. An expert on every aspect of organizing a wedding, she’s been a featured guest on numerous television shows. She is currently writing a book tiled ‘What Every Bride Needs to Know”.

Location: The Berkeley Field House, 311 Queen Street East
Time & Date: Thursday January 27th, 2011 at 7pm
Tickets: $20 each, sold at the door
RSVP by January 25th to: experience@berkeleyevents.com
light refreshments will be served

Even Jane’s hat in the picture is awesome. *sigh*. I *heart* Jane.




5 thoughts on “Jane Dayus-Hinch is coming to town!

  1. Okay, so this year will be my 10th wedding anniversary with the love of my life and I STILL watch Wedding SOS! Love the show, the ups and downs of planning a wedding and how Jane Dayus-Hinch puts it all together!! Love, love the show!!

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