The Details: Reception Decor

I loved how our reception hall looked–it was absolutely exhilarating to see  our abstract design ideas and vision morph into reality. We worked closely with Naphisha from The Perfect Setting, who is an absolute dream to work with. I highly recommend her to anyone and everyone!! She understood our vision and ran with it.

The Room

Picture of room taken from above. We had a mix of round and rectangular tables and dark backdrop with crystal drops

We held our reception at the Grand Victorian in Mississauga, which is a pretty venue. It’s a bit too traditional for my taste, and we knew we’d need some great decor to personalize it. We wanted a glamorous yet warm room that incorporated typical, strong Indian colour combinations, but balanced with modern neutrals. We decided on a dark purple and fuschia pink colour theme, with gun metal grey and damask to balance the strong accent colours. We had a room divider, which I despise. Room dividers ruin the overall decor, look drab and depressing, and remind you that you’re in a banquet hall in the suburbs! We decided to fork out the extra bucks to cover it with draping  all the way across. It was worth it. The room looked complete, the backdrop added drama, and it was a great  for pictures.

Lighting is key to a room’s feel and atmosphere and we used the hall’s updated lighting system to its full extent! We had pink lighting in the ceiling, plus pin spot lighting at each table. It made the room feel warm and modern, which contrasted the room’s “natural” state, which is cavernous and traditional.

The amazing ceiling and lighting!

The Tables

We had a mix of round and rectangular tables, a trend I had seen in wedding magazines and totally loved. We didn’t want the room to look monotonous, and so chose two different tablecloths to add variety, but mostly to incorporate my obsession with damask print. I do love damask! The round tables had crush silk-like gun metal grey cloths and the rectangular tables had monochromatic grey damask cloths.

The Table Settings & Details

In wedding mags, I saw cute pictures of framed table numbers, and I wanted to do the same. Originally, I wanted either bling-y or ornate frames. But, when we realized how much they would cost, J convinced me to go with simple silver frames from the Dollar Store. They looked great and only cost us $25 in total! We borrowed the table numbers from our planner. Because we had a buffet, we didn’t have charger plates for table settings. Instead, each person was met with a fuschia pink satin napkin folded into a square and topped with a white orchid. Each setting also had a silver noisemaker–which people had to use if they wanted J and I to kiss!! It was noisy, but a fun(ny) alternative to glass tinkling!

We incorporated a bit more drama at the head table–which was, according to our plans, supposed to be a large King’s table, but was instead ended up being long single table (still haven’t figured out why). We had large crystal candelabras, low floral bouquets with hydrangeas and orchids, and large blingy votives. To be honest, I was so overwhelmed that day, I couldn’t properly take in everything at the table–I just remember it looking pretty!

Table details: fuschia, silver, and sparkle!

The Centrepieces

J and I have always despised huge, useless centrepieces at receptions, but we despise the who-will-win-the-centrepice games even more. Honestly, I never win anything, but I always mange to win some  4 foot vase filled with ugly feathers or  that I will never use again at every wedding I go to. Usually, I leave the centrepiece exactly where it is and happily permit any overzealous Aunty to take my “prize”. We didn’t want to subject our guests to a similar experience and thought hard about a functional centrepiece that everyone could take a small piece of home. We  were overjoyed when we saw an awesome idea in a Martha Stewart mag (love Martha!). Being creative with our centrepieces allowed us to add personal touches (literally–we made them ourselves) to the beautiful decor. We ended up with two different centrepieces, both which incoporated  favour boxes filled with tea–all made by J, me, our sisters, J’s brothers, and our friends!!! (THANK YOU!)


We topped a cystal cake stand with our favour boxes, which were interspersed with orchids and surrounded by candles and orchids on the table.



For the second centerpiece, we filled a tall cylindrical vase with the favour boxes, partnered with a bouque of hydrangeas, surrounded by candles and additional favour boxes on the table.

We were able to incorporate design elements we loved all within a reasonable budget. Totally loved the room and I wish I could step back in time to just take it in.

I’ll post pics of our outfits soon!!




2 thoughts on “The Details: Reception Decor

  1. Lovely pictures! I also worked with Naphisha for my wedding and my sister’s wedding and she’s become my go-to person for all things decor. She did a great job and your wedding looked amazing!!

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