The Details: Wedding Ceremony

Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas weekend and got some good boxing day deals! It’s been a weekend packed with family events and lots of food. Can’t complain!

I’ve been working on putting together pictures from the wedding ceremony and reception–yay!! Today is the second installment of “The Details”. First was the mendhi, today is the ceremony.

In a nutshell, the ceremony was simple and beautiful, with emotional moments.

J wore the blue sherwani he always wanted (well…wanted since he decided he would wear a sherwani), and I coordinated in my red lengha with blue stones and blue jewelry. I kept the jewelry to a minimum: earrings, tikka, necklace, and very traditional chuda (wedding bangles). Although I always wanted a naath, I couldn’t find one that matched my jewelry and I didn’t really have time to look! I also opted for simple, traditional chuda rather than the blinged out chuda I see everywhere. I grew up admiring my mom’s traditional chuda and always imagined I would wear similar ones. My lengha was amazingly comfortable and I felt awesome in it.

Make-up wise, I also kept it on the simpler side, but incorporated a little drama with awesome falsies, slightly smokey eye with dark blue shadow, and blue eyeliner. I looked and felt like me, only better.

Below are some pictures taken by the awesome Kumari team. Enjoy!

The next picture is in the above collage, but I wanted to post the full size pic–it’s one of my favourites!!

Here’s a pic of my eye make-up:

And now back to collages!

Venue: Scarborough gurdwara

Bridal lengha: Zedds (ready to wear)

Tikka, earrings, and necklace set: Fashion Valley

Bridal bindis: Indian Costume Jewelry

Wedding chuda: Sartaj

Kaleray: gift from my aunt in India

Make-up: Sherry Van Stone

Hair: Pam from Beauty Bliss

Mendhi/henna: NJ’s Unique Henna Art

J’s sherwani & shoes: Fashion Valley (custom made)

Engagement ring: Birks

Wedding bands: Fine Gold Jewellers

Wedding planners: Arora Weddings & Events

Photography: Kumari Photo & Design

**All pictures were taken by Kumari Photo & Design. I cropped some pictures to fit in the collage. All pictures belong to me. Please ask me for permission to copy any of the photos**

Reception pics are coming up!!




6 thoughts on “The Details: Wedding Ceremony

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  2. @StarryGift–you’re welcome! Thanks for dropping by my page!

    @ GB: you are very sweet! I’m glad you liked the details!

    @ Sundeep: Thanks for the kind words! How did your meeting with Gaurav go? Any luck??

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