The Details: Mendhi

I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

Mendhi by: Nadra from NJ’s Unique Henna

Photos by: Monty from Kumari




4 thoughts on “The Details: Mendhi

  1. Just wondering how NJ was to work wtih? I am looking for a henna artist who is creative, can do something unique, but also works with high-quality all natural henna. How was your experience?

    • Hi Anju,
      Nadra–the woman who did my mendhi–was excellent. She makes her own henna, using all natural ingredients. I have very sensitive skin, and I didn’t react one bit. She was collaborative and had numerous samples of her work. I was impressed by her portfolio and her willingness to work with you. I would definitely recommend that you meet with her to review her work and to see if she can do what you like. If you have something creative in mind, take that example with you to see if Nadra can work with it. Let me know how it works out! Good luck!!

  2. Thanks LBB! I can’t wait to see your reception pictures – post them soon!

    I have also been writing a blog, which is more about my experiences moving to Toronto, but now it also incorporates my upcoming wedding because that is all that I have been thinking about these days!

    Come visit me sometime!

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