LBB is getting a makeover!

The Makeover

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Hi folks,

Sorry for being MIA. I’m currently in the midst of answering important life questions–To blog or not to blog? And what to blog about? Do I continue blogging and keep it personal (i.e., finish posting about my wedding details and then just post about my random thoughts) or do I become a wedding blogger (i.e., finish posting about my wedding and then start posting about weddings–ideas, inspirations, trends, real weddings). Or do I just stop blogging altogether? Any suggestions??

And so, like I handle most problems, I avoid and start with a little clean up first. It settles my thoughts and helps me think clearly. I really hated the old blog template, but all the pretty templates cost money! The little cheapie inside me wants to keep blogging for free, and so I’m trying out different free templates. I’ve settled on this new one, but have to re-organize it and create a new header.

What are your preliminary thoughts on this new template?

For the next while, my site will undergo a little makeover. Keep checking back for updates, and please don’t be shy to share your feedback!




3 thoughts on “LBB is getting a makeover!

  1. I like the new layout. WordPress layouts are so much more pro-looking…I should switch over, but I can’t be bothered with all the technical details right now.

    I agree with GB, I’m pretty sure I’ll continue reading your blog no matter what you write about, but a lot of the best wedding bloggers got their start blogging about their own wedding. Definitely finish up the posts you had planned about your own wedding and the vendors you dealt with, those are very informative!

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