A little (husbandly) inspiration…

LBB has been a bad LBB lately. I haven’t posted anything in a while, and I am feeling a little guilty! No one has scolded me or anything, but blogging has created a sense of obligation to you lovelies who follow my blog. I feel like I am not owning up to my end of the bargain–I blog, you read, therefore I should blog more. Or perhaps it has nothing to do with a sense of obligation, but more so with the general guilt complex ingrained in my South Asian female DNA?

To be honest, though I want to post about our wedding, I haven’t been feeling particularly inspired. Maybe I’m still wedding’d out…maybe I’m still adjusting to real life…maybe I feel guilty if I spent time on the computer at home instead of with J.

Hmm. Food for thought…

Nonetheless, I’m happy to say, I was inspired  by this lovely vision today:

Yes, that's my cupboard.

What’s so great about a cupboard with dishes, you ask? This morning when I left, the dishes on the bottom shelf were on the top, the mugs in the middle were also on the inaccessible top, and I had unnecessary food platters on the bottom.  Also when I left, the wine glasses were in boxes on the floor, exactly where we left them after coming home from The Bay last night (we got a GREAT deal, btw!). The disorganization has been driving me crazy, but I’ve been procrastinating dealing with it.

What’s so great about this cupboard is the smile it put on my face. Dishes and wine glasses and serving platters and china are not really the interests of a 30 year old guy who plays soccer, loves his MacBook Pro, and doesn’t know how to boil pasta,  but my J knows these things matter to me. And now it matters to him.

Thanks, baby, for making me smile and inspiring me today.





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