Happy Diwali! (And…back to reality!)

Floating candles on Diwali day.

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Happy Diwali!

I lit my very own diyas for the first time as a married woman! Very exciting. 🙂

Haven’t had time to post since I returned from my honeymoon (which was so relaxing and so perfect). It’s been hectic with going back to work, organizing our place, and meeting our parents’ requests to continue visiting them! Even though I’m back to reality, gotta admit I’m still on cloud nine. I absolutely loved my wedding day and my honeymoon. I keep telling J I want to get married again! lol!

I promise to post more details about the wedding and the lead up to it. Still have to post about our DIY projects, including the invitations, favours, favour boxes, programs. And, of course, post pics with details of the wedding. It will all come–promise. Just need some time to settle in.

But, here are some teaser pics:

Being very un-bridelike in the gurdwara. I didn't listen to my grandma who told me to look down and be quiet. lol.

The reception hall tables--mix of rectangular and round with damask and gun metal grey table cloths

The details. We asked guests to use noisemakers to get us to kiss! It was loud! But such a great idea!

My engagement and wedding bands (have to get the wedding band resized)

Mendhi on the beach

View of the ocean from our hotel room in Barbados. *sigh*



(so even though I’m not technically a bride anymore, I think I’m keeping my name–just like I’m keeping my own last name. Everyone knows me as LBB! If I change it to Little Brown Wife (LBW), it just doesn’t have the same effect. haha)



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