Sun, sand, ocean. Need I say more?

We’re down to single digits–only 8 days away from the big day. WOW!! Time flies. A part of me is still in denial.
Sorry I haven’t been posting more, but it’s just been SO BUSY. Every day I’m out for most of the day running errands, making decisions, having meetings.
I did feel the need, though, to announce that J and I are going on a honeymoon!!! After all that we’ve been through the past couple months, we both need to get away. We are going to Barbados for 9 days; we leave the Monday after our wedding. I cannot wait to lie on the beach and do nothing. I cannot wait for my biggest dilemma to be whether I should continue lying on the beach or if I should go in the water.
For the first few days, we booked a cute boutique hotel called Little Arches.  J and I were initially thinking of staying at a resort, but honestly, neither of us are particularly fond of resorts. And after the wedding, the last thing I would want is to be surrounded by more people and more noise.  We found Little Arches online and fell in love with it. It has only 10 rooms!! That means peace, quiet, and no loud drunks! I love staying in places that have character, and this definitely seems to fit the bill. Some pics of the hotel to make you jealous (all images from the Little Arches website):

Those images will keep me going for the next week!

Tonight, we are working on our favours. Tomorrow, my sisters and cousins are decorating the basement and house. Sunday is the Chunni ceremony and Sangeet. Amplified Soul is doing my hair and make up for the sangeet!

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