LBB and The Case of the Missing Lengha

In May 2010, an excited bride, known as LBB, travelled to a faraway land called Woodbridge to search for her dream reception lengha. She found a boutique called CTC West, where she was greeted by friendly faces and a roomful of silk and sparkle. She fell in love with the first lengha she tried–a pretty purple lengha with a whimsical pattern. She paid the deposit and was promised the lengha would arrive by mid-August.

She was shining like Little Miss Sunshine!

By mid-August, there was no word from CTC West. LBB emailed sweet Gaurav. He replied over the next few weeks promising the lengha would arrive by the end of the week. Sadly, though, it never arrived.

LBB started to worry. The wedding was soon approaching! She needed the lengha to buy jewelry, make a hair piece, and buy J’s tie! Eek!

Meanwhile, J’s custom sherwani and three-piece suit arrived on schedule. LBB was slightly jealous!

By mid-September, LBB learned that the floods in India delayed her lengha’s arrival. In the last week of September, LBB learned her lengha was being stitched together! It wasn’t even made!

Now, she felt more like Mr. Grumpy than Little Miss Sunshine.

Rather than get angry at sweet Gaurav, LBB was simply disappointed, sad, and annoyed. She felt mislead, and Gaurav confessed he wasn’t completely transparent. A lesson learned, he admitted. LBB appreciated the honesty. Gaurav went to great lengths to ensure LBB could find matching jewelry. He also made significant efforts to ensure the lengha arrived on a satisfactory date.

Unfortunately, due to all this stress, LBB incurred a red zit on the tip of her nose. A red zit that continues to fester till this day.

On September 30, Gaurav emailed LBB a FedEx tracking #, which she stalked as any ordinary stalker would.

The miles my poor lengha travelled!

On October 1–15 days before her wedding–LBB finally had her beautiful reception lengha in her hands. It fit perfectly, and she thanked all the Gods that exist for intervening. Mostly, though, she thanked Fed Ex for being reliable. She also was torn between punching Gaurav in the gut and giving him a big bear hug–a sentiment she readily shared with sweet Gaurav.

And so, dear friends, this tale ends with a beautiful purple lengha that matches perfectly with LBB’s new Jimmy Choos. Now, all that’s left to find is the elusive jewelry set–something with a not-too-yellow gold and enough bling to make the Housewives of Orange County jealous.




8 thoughts on “LBB and The Case of the Missing Lengha

  1. for the jewelry, have you looked into artkarat? its online, I’ve never ordered from them online, but I do own two pieces (bought in Delhi eons back when they were just starting out—the quality is excellent!)

    Please please please share pictures!

  2. @ GB: great suggestion! unfortunately i didn’t find anything on their site that goes with my lengha! 😦 I did learn, however, they ship to Canada within 2 to 3 business days. That is impressive!! I will post pics of the lengha soon! I don’t have my camera on me right now!

    @ Melissa: you know it, girl! I can’t wait either!

    @ Sweet Gaurav: I say it like it is, my friend. I will send you pics for sure! Not sure if your mom told you, but the lengha fit really well! I’ve never had a blouse fit me like a glove before!!

  3. I’m so happy to hear that it all worked out in the end. especially with Gaurav and the CTC West bunch. I was really impressed with their presentation at Bridalicious, and would have been sorry to see such great vendors let someone down.

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