Wedding Show Weekend: Desi Diva & Suhaag

Nisha Chandra, from Nisha Chandra Events, recently invited me to attend Desi Diva, an invite-only wedding show catering to the modern South Asian bride at the luxe Palais Royale on October 3, 2010. Based on the event’s website, it looks like it will provide a contrasting experience to the Annual Suhaag Wedding Show taking place the same day at the Toronto Congress Centre. I definitely think both are worth checking out, though I’m slightly biased towards Desi Diva, as it will be a more intimate setting allowing for more meaningful interaction. Nonetheless, the variety at Suhaag could prove fruitful.

Check out this invitation for Desi Diva. If you’re interested in attending, calling them sooner than later would be helpful, as there is limited capacity.


Btw, I’ve been invited as media! My first media invitation! Yay!




One thought on “Wedding Show Weekend: Desi Diva & Suhaag

  1. Score! A media invite! Well, hopefully the tide is turning after your recent run of bad news! Hopefully God is saving all the good news for your wedding time!

    Keep blogging, your posts are great!

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