The show must go on…

And it will.

After much thought, discussion, and reflection, J and I have decided to move forward with our wedding as planned!

It will be a celebration of love, life, family, & friends.

Some quickie updates…

1. OMG–my reception lengha is still in Delhi! Full post explaining my trials and tribulations to follow soon!

2. OMG–I still don’t have jewelry for my reception lengha!

2. Henna Sooq, the mendhi artist company I planned to hire, advised me last week (after several delays in communication) that the artist initially selected to do my mendhi does not have transportation to my house. WTF!

3. My aunt in India is quite ill and not cleared to travel. 😦

4. We still haven’t figured out videography

5. We still haven’t ordered or prepared our favours

6. We still don’t have transportation

OMG. Totally freaking out!

7. My stag (a toned down version given recent events) is this Saturday! Bought a cute outfit for the dinner from Jonathan + Olivia (they have Topshop!! A late discovery of mine.) Might wear a BCBG dress I already have if we go out after dinner.

Wish me luck. The next 3 weeks will be INTENSE!




One thought on “The show must go on…

  1. Glad to hear that! Focus on the happiness and the love that got you here and you will look stunning no matter what you wear, you will find transportation and an equally superb mendhi artist and no one needs favours – give it to a charity in memory of the one you lost. It will work out just fine…it really will…have faith.

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