Make me beautiful!

I have finally sorted out my make up and hair for the wedding day!!

Finding people to beautify me was not easy! Not because I’m butt ugly, but because find someone who a) I could afford; b) has good customer service is a lot of work. Unfortunately, my search often resulted in one, but not the other!

However, I lucked out with the two artists I chose, and I am quite excited!

For make up, as you probably already know, I hired Sherry Vanstone. She’s worked numerous times with Kumari, and all her brides look gorgeous in the pics. She has a way of matching the drama of the make up to the heavily embroidered outfits without it looking caked on and too…fake. Looking through magazines and bridal photos, I find that many make up artists in the South Asian community are not skilled at blending colours and use outdated make up approaches/techniques. I also still find efforts to lighten brides’ skin tones. No, thank you! Sherry’s make up is flawless and it feels like you’re wearing nothing. She is a blast to work with, very professional, and fast!! Good combo! Sherry will be doing my ceremony and reception make up. I’ve also asked her to revisit me after the ceremony for touch ups before and during the wedding photo shoot. I’m pretty sure I’ll be crying during the ceremony and the doli, so a touch up will be in order.

For bridal make up, I am looking for a dramatic eye with a nude/natural lip. I have never really liked how I look with dark or bright lipstick. I wore red lipstick for my engagement shoot, and though I think I look nice in the pics, I just don’t like how the red lipstick looks on my mouth. My lips looks smaller and, with my large eyes, cheekbones, and nose, I think my face looks distorted. Seriously. Anyway, here are a few bridal looks I like for myself:

Image is from South Asian Bride. Make up by Shahid Malik.

Image is from South Asian Bride. Make up by Shahid Malik.

Image is from Maharani Weddings; photo by G+H Photography

Both of the brides look natural, but still look like they’re wearing make up. Their eyes and lips are accentuated and they have a glow to their complexions. I think that’s an appropriate look for the ceremony.

I love the eyeliner application in this pic below. I think it would look awesome if I wore dark blue eyeliner to go with the blue stones in my wedding lengha for the ceremony! If I had the lips, I would totally go for a look like this for the ceremony or receptions:

Everything is soooo pretty! Image from Amber Esthetics

For hair, I hired Pam from Beauty Bliss, who was originally referred by Sherry.  I had contacted Pam quite a while ago, but failed to follow up because I was focussing on other wedding aspects. Also, I wasn’t sure if, based on the pictures on Pam’s website, our styles were the same. I continued searching, and I was disappointed. I was disappointed by Banglez and LeSonne Bridal–those women do great work, but their customer service skills could use fine tuning. Banglez cancelled on me last minute for a trial (after taking weeks to confirm), and LeSonne Bridal was inflexible regarding her trials. She requests brides travel to her in Brampton and, given the wedding season, only weekdays work for her. I explained that I live downtown, don’t own a car, and work full-time, so getting up to Brampton during the week is difficult. I enquired if she could travel to me to do the trial the day of my engagement shoot and I even offered to cover additional expenses (e.g., travel). She refused and said she would charge me the regular special occasion rate–$195!! Not only was she inflexible, she was also slow to respond, and slightly condescending in her email. To say the least, LBB was not impressed!!

I reconsidered my assessment of Pam’s work–taking a closer look at it with my roomie, we decided I had been to quick to judge. Her work is very clean and finished. Plus, I’m pretty sure Sherry would only recommend someone she trusts! 

I called Pam up a short while before my engagement shoot, and she was SO NICE! She was really warm and friendly on the phone. She also asked me to travel to Brampton for my trial, but after I shared my I-live-downtown-and-use-the-TTC-to-get-around melodrama, she totally offered to come to me to do my hair for the engagement shoot. LOVE! Instant love was what I felt. Pam was so wonderful to work with. She listens, is open, and exudes great energy. I booked her right away.

As for hairstyles, for the ceremony a simple bun will do. For the reception, I don’t want anything elaborate–something simple and pretty, kind of like this:

Lengha design by Ekta Solanki; image from South Asian Bride

I would also love to rock this hair look, but I don’t think my mom   would understand it:

Suit design by Ekta Solanki; image from South Asian Bride

Sherry and Pam are two wonderfully talented, professional women with great energy and zest for life. They are down to earth, straightforward, and–wait for it– reasonably priced!! Being surrounded by positive energy is something  I hope for my wedding day, and I think by booking these two ladies, I’m on that path.

As for other make up artists, Anjali Handa from Rock that Look and Farah from Faces by Farah are doing reception make up for my sisters, cousin, mom, and my friend A. Joy from Make up Junkie (who also did my engagement shoot) is doing J’s sisters’ and mom’s make up for the reception. Our girls are hooked up! yay!

I know this post is getting long, but I wanted to share some good news. I just received an email from Shobana from Amplified Soul (they were part of the ‘good customer service, but out of my price range; group) a couple hours ago. She wanted to thank me for posting their link on my site and she offered to provide hair and make up services for a pre-wedding event (based on their availability) or a personal make up shopping lesson (not sure what that involves…will let you know when I find out). Isn’t that amazing? I’m totally honoured. I’ll let you know if Amplified Soul is available for either my Sangeet or Stagette.

I am up way too late right now. Have a long day ahead of me.

Good night!




5 thoughts on “Make me beautiful!

  1. Thanks so much for posting about LeSonne’s lack of customer service! I had an equally negative experience with them via email and was tempted to write back and tell her how unprofessional she was being. Your post will get the word out more proactively though! Love love love your blog! Thanks for all the great tips 🙂

  2. Arika, I feel vindicated! LOL! My negative experience was also via email. I was also tempted to reply back and express my frustrations with her service, but decided against it. I figured it would fall on deaf ears, and I decided to blog about it instead.

    And you’re welcome–I’m glad you’re finding my ramblings helpful! Good luck with your planning!!!

  3. Sherry did my makeup for my wedding day three years ago. I loved everything about my makeup. It lasted all day without looking overdone. And she listened to exactly what I wanted. Plus, she was such a sweetie! I wish she still lived in Edmonton so I could recommend her to all of my brides!!

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