Showered with Love

As I mentioned in an earlier post, my lovely ladies planned a sensational shower for me on the weekend. About 50 relatives and friends gathered in my cousin’s beautiful condo party room to celebrate…me and J. Wow. I spent an afternoon participating in activities that revolved around me. Nice, but weird. And slightly overwhelming.

So, what happened? A lot and it’s kind of a blur right now! I hugged all 50 guests as I entered the room, and I hope that I hugged everyone goodbye. I was surprised by my friend K who flew in from out of town. I was told again and again how pretty I looked (not bragging here, but I just figure that’s what everyone *has* to say to the bride. Would you ever tell a bride she looked ugly?). I caught up with some friends I haven’t seen in a while.  Gosh, so much happened. Events like these make me curse my bad memory! I tend to remember feelings related to events much better than the events themselves.

So….what were the highlights?

*Getting my Choos, of course.

Just in case you forgot what they look like.

*Feasting on a buffet catering to my dietary restrictions. Everything was dairy- and gluten-free and YUMMY–and served immigrant-style (i.e., the best style) in aluminum trays and on paper plates! Boo yah!

A melange of tasty food! I am getting hungry again.

*The games. First, the infamous toilet paper bride game. My friend M’s sashay down the runway–Miss J styles–was possibly the best thing I’ve ever seen (besides her sexy dance to “Loosen up your buttons”, but I’ll save that story for another day).

The Project LBB winner. They made it corset style in the back, yo.

The second game was the “Who’s got the most random crap in your purse?” game. My future sis-in-law won. It wasn’t easy, though. She had to fight through a 3-way tie. Although it wasn’t on the list, she had a screwdriver in her purse. A screwdriver. What woman carries a screwdriver?

The third game was “Guess how old LBB & J are in these pics?” I didn’t even know how old I was in some of those pics (remember–I’ve got a bad memory?) . I guessed, so it’s quite possible that the winner isn’t the actual winner. Amazingly, my sisters unearthed this hot pic of J from a few years ago. It helped remind me how cute I used to think he was! haha!

The “How much does your future mother-in-law know about you?” game was last. And apparently, the verdict is: NOT MUCH! We’ve got the rest of our lives to become better acquainted! 🙂

*Another highlight included my big sis’s emotional speech and the group hug that ensued afterward. This was the only time I teared up during the entire afternoon. And it was probably the only time in years my sisters and mom have demonstrated this much outward affection. Normally, when I try to give hugs, I am pushed away, told I smell, or provided with some other disparaging comment. On other occasions,we insult or randomly poke or jab each other to express our love. This group hug, then, was unprecedented. It would’ve been even weirder if my dad was there.

*The gifts were also pretty awesome. Wow. There were a lot of gifts. Honestly, if you don’t want to get married for love, get married for the bridal shower–let me tell you, if you do your registry right, you rake it in. Sounds a bit…selfish? harsh? trite? It’s probably all of the above.

wow. thanks, everyone!

J and I will certainly put everything to good use!! I especially can’t wait to use my Dyson vac!! It’s sooooooooooooo pretty and soooooo compact! Perfect for our shoebox condo! And I can’t wait to cook on the Jamie Oliver cookware and make rice in the high-tech rice cooker. Plus use the pretty red appliances and all the other pretty stuff!

The most memorable part of the day, however, happened after I finished opening the gifts. I stopped, scanned the room, and saw the love and excitement on the faces of my family and friends. I felt a lump in my throat. At that moment, I felt grateful, I felt humbled, I felt overwhelmed. I realized all these people were here for me and J. They are just as excited as we are and as invested as we are. And they are not only there for the party and the food–they are there to wish us luck and stand by us as we journey into this new phase of our lives. A new phase that everyone knows will be marked with uncertainty and difficulties and many trials, but also a phase that they all hope will involve adventure, happiness, and love. It’s an amazing feeling.

(It could be quite possible that this warm, fuzzy feeling was actually caused by the glow emanating from the Dyson vac box still placed on my lap:

What a beautiful machine

Just a thought.)

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you to my sisters, my cousin, and A for planning a wonderful afternoon. Thank you for making it a special day and letting it represent who I am and who we are as a family.

Thank you.

Can’t wait for 10.16.10.




2 thoughts on “Showered with Love

  1. Still can’t believe I didn’t win a single game. But props to your future sis-in-law for winning that purse game. I thought I had that one. And girl, you did look beautiful. I don’t tell lies! You had that bride glow. I love showers! Had lots of fun!

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