They’re hee-eerre!!

I had a wonderful weekend!! I was showered with love at my bridal shower and I ran some errands with my mom today (errands which involved driving from Scarborough to Mississauga to take my lengha to get altered, only to realize that halfway there–i.e., 30 minutes into the drive– my lengha was sitting on the living room couch. yah. We turned around.)

I’m incredibly pooped and plan to post a shower recap when my brain cells are firing a bit faster. For now,  I thought I’d post about something requiring less brain power–shoes!

Your vision is not failing you. That is a picture of me opening up a box that reads Jimmy Choo!!

My friend K surprised me at the shower (she said she couldn’t make it to my shower because a business trip took her North Carolina), and brought my wedding shoes!! My girls chipped in to give me my shoes as a bridal shower gift. A-mazing! The gift is almost as good as the Dyson vac and Jamie Oliver cookware set I received. hahaha. Thanks, ladies. I will rock my size 5 shoes with pride. And hotness.

Rockin my new Choos! 🙂

Thanks to M and my stylish future sis-in-law L for taking great shots of the great shoes!




4 thoughts on “They’re hee-eerre!!

  1. Those choos look fab! and what a lovely surprise it must have been…
    Dyson vac and jamie oliver cookware…..looks like you’re all set!! (LOL the brampton trip—we’ve only once driven through and we were so glad we didn’t have to live there!! 🙂

  2. @ Michelle: I would hate me, too, if I was you! haha.

    @GB: I agree! I’m all set for the wedding day and beyond! maybe I can even vacuum and cook while wearing my Choos. haha. And poor Bramtpon–i don’t give it much love. lol

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