Pretty Shiny Things

J and I are an interesting combination. We can procrastinate and take weeks to overcome inertia when we have a task to do. But, when we finally get moving, we act fast and make decisions in a flash–confidently and with little regret.

Choosing our wedding bands involved a similar process. It did, however involve, a lot of nagging, I mean, friendly reminders from me. One of J’s friends’ in-laws own jewelry stores in Toronto, and I kept asking J to set up an appointment with his friend’s father-in-law. So, finally, after a couple months of friendly reminders, J scheduled a meeting this past Tuesday.

We went to Fine Gold Jewellers at Bramalea City Centre. Yup, LBB travelled all the way to Brampton to look for wedding bands. The drive up there was awful. So much traffic and so many highways to take. We got to the mall 1/2 hour before it closed, and J and I had the following conversation while walking through the mall:

J: It looks sooo……clean in here…

LBB: [laughs] Why do you sound surprised?

J: We-ellllll….it’s Brampton.

LBB: [snorts and laughs out loud]

Sorry to all the Bramptonites. Us east end folks are just prejudiced.

Anyway, back to the story. So we met with Saleh, a sweet Egyptian man, at Fine Gold. We spent more time talking to him about family than actually looking at rings. Our visit to Fine Gold was our first real foray into serious band shopping. In a matter of 10 minutes, J and I surveyed the options and decided on our bands. Seriously. Even sweet Saleh was surprised.

I wanted something to compliment my engagement ring. My ring is simple and classic. It is in this style:

The Birks Blue Slim Solitaire Diamond Ring (image from

Another angle (from

(I still love my ring after all these months and will stare at it randomly throughout the day. Once, I was so distracted looking at it that I almost fell down the escalator in a TTC station!)

I wanted a band with a similar width to my engagement ring and with some bling. I tried on 4 to 5 samples, which was challenging given my 3.25 ring size (my name is Littlebrownbride for a reason, folks). Size 7 rings and size 3.25 rings don’t really fit together, so I had to use my imagination and put faith in my ability to visualize. I liked the way an eternity band (i.e., a band with diamons all around it) fit with my ring, but I didn’t want an eternity band.  Why pay more money for diamonds no one sees? Waste! Saleh offered to customize it. I decided  on a white gold band with 7 small brilliant cut stones across the front. It’s soooo pretty!! Whether I wear it with or without my engagement ring, I will still sparkle!

J was next. Many men’s wedding bands now have small stones in them and J was adamant he didn’t want one. He tried on a few options, and lo and behold, which one did he like the best? A band with a small stone in it, of course! The moment I saw his ring, I knew it was for him. It has a surprisingly industrial feel. It’s brushed white gold with a polished bevelled edge and a small brilliant cut stone in the centre. Love it!

Why did we decide so quickly? If J and I waver on something, we know we don’t really like it. We didn’t waver one bit on these rings. Also, the service was good, we trust the person we’re buying from, and the price was really good and less than what we were prepared to spend. What’s the point in shopping around? Travelling across the city? Wasting time if we’re just going to end up with the same result? Trusting your gut is invaluable and promotes your sanity…in most cases.

So, we will both have pretty shiny things to wear on our fingers forever. Yay!

As for other exciting news: my bridal shower is today!! I am looking forward to my friends’ expressions as they observe a room full of loud, excited Punjabi aunties in full wedding mode! My sisters, cousin, and honourary MOH are hosting it, and I know they have been working hard. I can’t wait to see what they’ve planned and I can’t wait to eat all the food!! I hear it’s going to be a feast!

I am wearing a fuchsia pink raw silk dress with ruffly sleeves. It’s from Meg on Queen West. I can’t find the exact dress online, but it kind of looks like this:

I have a purple feather that I might wear in my hair. The hostesses and my mom are wearing purple. We will be representing the wedding reception colour scheme! Yay!




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