Pretty lenghas on a lazy Sunday

It’s a muggy, dreary Sunday in Toronto. It’s the kind of day that promotes laziness, sleepiness, and downright unproductive-ness (yes, I just made up a word). It’s been a non-stop week for me and the idea of blogging away, rather than cleaning my room and my bathroom, is very appealing.

Throughout this wedding planning process, I’ve collected and saved copious amounts of inspirational images and photos on my computer–so much that I’ve actually forgotten about some of the pics that I have! In my effort to avoid housework, I started perusing through my pictures again and came across pretty saris and lenghas from Lakme Indian Fashion Week.  I realized that from all the shows, Rocky S’s designs were my favourite.  His collections don’t seem to get much attention from media (at least media that I’ve come across), and I’m not quite sure why. His designs incorporate traditional fabrics and embroidery, but the patterns and and shape of the clothes are fresh and unique. They are also different enough without looking like they are trying to be different.  Effortless style–I like.

The files are pretty large, so I’ll split this post into two. I’ll post the lenghas now and the saris in a follow up post. Enjoy!

I absolutely love the numerous ways the dupatta is draped with the outfits! Definitely inspirational!

(All of the above images are from Vogue India)

I’ll put up the sari post in a few minutes!




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