To Video or Not to Video?

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Initially, J and I were averse to hiring a videographer. We both have traumatic memories of large cranes obstructing the view, obnoxious cameramen who squeeze their gargantuan equipment (and gargantuan behinds) onto the dance floor, and big spotlights blinding guests during dinner and dancing. We didn’t want that experience to be part of our wedding; nor did we want to watch hours of unedited footage of our wedding day. We lived it. We experienced it. But you want me to watch again and again? Non, merci!

However, we made this initial decision based on an outdated form of wedding videography. Current wedding videos are akin to cinematic events, if not emotional events. Good wedding cinematographers are able to capture the various moods of the day and represent the couple’s essence. I certainly discovered this while going through Rafael Ziah Franco’s blog. He collaborates frequently with Kumari, and he and his team do some amazing work.

Click on the link below for one of Rafael’s highlight videos. I absolutely love how the vows and soft piano play in the background and the images cut between the sweet ceremony and then to the cute, quirky photo shoot. I tear up every time I watch this video:

Now, that’s the kind of video I would watch again and again…

What do you think? Yay or Nay?




7 thoughts on “To Video or Not to Video?

  1. I say yay and ONLY because the format and production of wedding videos now are absolutely breathtaking! As you said – mini cinematic event! And come on, you need a wedding video show your children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren! You can’t use a flip book of photos all strung together ;P

  2. yay!….only because i really wish i had video now, the day was such a fantastic blur, but i really cherish my friend’s shakey point and shoot video coverage of how everyone was enjoying things: i don’t remember half the dances, or the silly things the kids were doing on the dance floor, how my dad made faces when he almost tripped on my dress….those things i saw after the fact on the point and shoot ‘video’ footage. I really wish that we had a videographer in retrospect – it’s exactly that emotional bond we have to the events and people in the video, as opposed to ‘some people having a wedding’ 😉

  3. I say you need a video…only reason why I am saying this is ’cause whenever Jeesha see the video, they are just in awe. Their eyes don’t come off the TV. They get to see how mamma and dadda got married. They get to see it for themselves and have that image embedded in their minds and giggle at all the people dancing weirdly. It is amazing watching them watch the video.

    Yes, whenever we see our video, it is quite tacky and almost embarrassing at times from all the cheesiness he..he!! But, tacky or not, if you don’t ever watch it, or even watch it once, I think it’s always a treasure.

    You don’t have to shoot every single moment, or 5 hours of dancing like how we had. I like how these guys capture the ‘real’ moments and love how they make it artistic. I’ve said this to you before…this day will pass by in an instant. After all your endless efforts to make the day perfect, trust me, it’s worth capturing each priceless moment and you both deserve to watch how it all unfolds in the end. There will be that one day when you and J will want to sit back, relax and watch this video on a lazy Sunday afternoon and share some tears and laughter. Have I convinced you enough? :))

    xoxo M

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