The Perfect Decor

We decided on our decorator a while ago, but didn’t get the contract confirmed till a couple weeks ago, so I’ve delayed posting about our decor.

For our decorator search, we met with two companies recommended by our wedding planner.

We first met with Gagan from Wedding Decor at his home/studio, which is a pretty yellow house on a wide lot. Gagan runs Wedding Decor with his wife, and he has become the main contact for the business since his wife gave birth to their daughter.  The meeting was lengthy, and probably unnecessarily so. Wedding Decor has done some great work, but J and I didn’t click with the company’s style. We had a vision that strayed somewhat from Wedding Decor’s vision, and rather than acknowledging the difference in our visions, Gagan came across as slightly condescending throughout the meeting. I’m not sure if it was simply his communication style or my (mis) perception, but to say the least, I left the meeting feeling frustrated and drained.

We met with Naphisha from The Perfect Setting the following week at her studio in Scarborough. It completely contrasted our meeting from the week prior. (I should have known–I liked her website a lot better!!) Naphisha listened, asked questions, and got it. She understood our vision and suggested ideas to enhance it. I fell in love with her right away. We’ve met with her twice since, and I’ve left each meeting feeling inspired and excited. Naphisha is incredibly creative and skilled. She shares her ideas in layman’s terms and provides feedback in a gentle, helpful way–so if you suggest something that she thinks won’t work, rather than saying “umm..your idea sucks”, she’ll pose questions that make you reflect and consider alternatives. She’s incredibly collaborative and welcomes the couple’s input. Oh, and she is incredibly well-priced!!!

For current samples of her work, check out this Sangeet Naphisha decorated! I love the Moroccan theme!! The sangeet was shot by the one and only Kumari Photography, of course!

So what have we come up with? We wanted to incorporate the bold colour common to Indian weddings, but with a contemporary, chic twist. Indian wedding decor is usually about pinks, reds, oranges, and golds–which ends up being very warm and maybe more appropriate for a summer wedding. We wanted bright, but with a cool undertone.

We decided to rebel and are incorporating dark colours (faux pas according to my mother) into the scheme, complimented by brighter colours, and some bling of course!!!

Our colour scheme is gun metal grey, eggplant purple, and fuschia pink, with touches of black and bling! I don’t want to give too much away, but thought I’d create an inspiration board to represent our theme. To be honest, it’s my meager attempt–this is really a post-hoc inspiration board that I created using the collage function in Picasa. I really don’t know what I’m doing!

Thoughts? Suggestions?




5 thoughts on “The Perfect Decor

  1. my cousin had her mehndi and reception decorated by a perfect setting. she said her style was really good, she took time to find out what the bride envisioned, what her budget was, and then she showed her the available options and made suggestions for changes to make it more affordable or nicer.

    the finished decor was beautiful. the hall was tastefully decorated and very elegant.

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