I feel loved!

What started as an opportunity for me to ramble about myself and wedding planning has turned into a cathartic and stress-relieving experience for me. I never predicted that writing, even about my wedding, could be so therapeutic and enjoyable!!

And so to be recognized by others for something I am doing for leisure is a great honour (remember–I’ve got a sub-threshold pathological need for approval from others?). I’ve received some love from a couple bloggers I admire, and it feels great!

Asiya from Aaina Bridal listed me as a “Blog Worth Noting” (Aaina Bridal is one of my favourite South Asian wedding blogs. Cool, stylish ideas and helpful tips are the cornerstone of this blog, along with some thoughtful reflections about the meaning of marriage and relationships.)

Gagan from Of Peacocks and Paisleys recommended my blog as a resource for South Asian wedding planning

Karen from Milni.net posted my “Freedom of Speeches” post on her blog

Thanks to the above ladies for the recognition. I feel special!

“They like me. They really like me!”

I will do my best to post regularly and keep my blog informative, entertaining, and honest.



2 thoughts on “I feel loved!

  1. Awww!! Thanks LBB, your blog’s chock-full of amazing resources+ an entertaining read…glad you’re feelin’ the love! 🙂 Blog on!

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