Praying for my “smize”

Our engagement shoot is tomorrow!!

I’ve got my outfits ready, my hair accessories purchased, my jewelry organized, and my shoes packed.

Hairstylist is booked! Pam from Beauty Bliss is giving me a bridal trial/engagement shoot look. Wish me luck!

Joy David (aka makeup junkie) is doing my face. She was a third-degree referral (i.e., she was referred by Farah from Faces by Farah who was referred by Anjali from Rock That Look); I liked her portfolio online, so I hope it works out!

Tonight, I will pray to the Smize gods and hope that in the morning, Tyra, Jay Manuel, and Miss J will have bestowed upon me the elusive and awe-inspiring ability to SMIZE.




2 thoughts on “Praying for my “smize”

  1. Yay!!!! I’m sure you guys will have a blast!! Express yourselves and enjoy each “picture perfect” moment. Can’t wait to see the final product. Do a special pose for Jeesha too!!

    xoxo Meenu

  2. Enjoy your photoshoot!!! This is the fun part, so relax, chill and show the world how awesome you and J are together!!!!!!!!!

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