Modelling is hard work.

Our engagement shoot was awesome!! It was a long day. Never realized looking good could take so much effort. We are pooped.

I will post more deets soon, but just wanted to give love to Monty and Sangeeta–you make an incredible photography team and shooting with you is a privilege. I seriously want to pack you up in a box and carry you around with me so I can show and tell the world how awesome you two are.

To Pam and Joy, thanks for making me (and J) look gorgeous. I was anxious before the shoot and you both helped me relax and enjoy the experience.

To Hamed from Awtash, thanks for offering us your fantastic space. The luxe decor made for some sultry shots. Thanks also for letting us move your furniture around, stand on your barstools, and sprawl on your gorgeous mosaic tables.

To Ashley and Jade from Shopgirls, your openness and patience was fabulous. thanks especially to Jade for staying late and having no issue with our mannequin dance party and blasting Jay Z and Alicia upon request.

So much fun.

And now, it’s time to dive into bed.



2 thoughts on “Modelling is hard work.

  1. Aww how kind of you! 🙂 Honestly, the pleasure was all ours…you were a dream to work with. Right off the bat I thought to myself “daaamnnn girrrl!” lol! You rocked that shoot…as I looked at the photos I keep thinking how wonderful it was working with you and how much we loved your sense of adventure with the photos. We’d like to put you in our photography bag (little cramped in there tho!) and show you to all our brides as the perfect modeling example!


  2. Thanks for the shouts Sandeep… you and Joe both deserve a huge big up. it was fantastic collaborating with you both, and the wedding shoot is going to be crazy cool!

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