Feature: A Night of Romance

Imagine this.  You’ve been with your fiancé for a few years now and you’ve spent many nights together. You might live together; you might not (as in my case). The weeks before the wedding are hectic and you rarely spend non-wedding time with your fiancé. On the wedding day, you see your new husband or wife during the ceremony and for a few bites during dinner. Months of planning have culminated into one final day, and after a long and exciting, but tiring, day, you spend your first night together as husband and wife in…a generic hotel room.

A regular hotel room, before being romanticized by A Night of Romance

You stand in the room and realize that so much detail and thought have gone into setting the ambience for the ceremony and reception, but your first night together has been more of an afterthought. Isn’t your wedding night just as special as your wedding day? Wouldn’t your night be more memorable if the room looked like this?

The above hotel room, after being transformed into a "Tropical Oasis" by Nirmala & Monika. Doesn't that just you want to roll around in the bed...the petals on the floor are also pretty tempting.

This is the question that Nirmala and Monika, two friends who also happen to be sisters-in-law (their husbands are twin brothers!!) asked themselves during a road trip to the U.S. while reflecting on their wedding experiences. Armed with this “eureka!” moment, Nirmala and Monika combined their creative juices together to form A Night of Romance.

A Night of Romance is currently, to the best of our knowledge, the only wedding vendor that focuses solely on creating a romantic ambience for newlyweds. They take an ordinary bedroom or hotel room and transform it into a romantic oasis for the couple. They take their cues from the couple and make efforts to personalize it to them. For example, they decorated one couple’s room in the reception colours; for another couple they created a picnic basket filled with the couple’s favourite foods to enjoy after the reception. Moreover, they understand the value that women place on romance, and they have tapped into an aspect of the market that has been ignored. For Nirmala and Monika, who both have full-time corporate jobs, the abilities to be creative and to facilitate a romantic evening for newlyweds are the most rewarding aspects of A Night of Romance.

Regarding romantic options, A Night of Romance has several. Their most popular packages are a “Room for Romance” and “A Bollywood Night to Remember”. The former packages appeals to couples who prefer a contemporary approach to romance; the latter package appeals to couples inspired by Bollywood movies and want to feel like Indian royalty.

A room fit for a maharaja and a maharani

As two South Asian-Canadian entrepreneurs, Nirmala and Monika have received great response from the public. They were accepted as exhibitors at the exclusive, upscale wedding show at The Carlu this past January. They were also asked by wedding planner extraordinaire Jane Deyus-Hinch from Wedding SOS to decorate a couple’s honeymoon suite, as requested in a “wish”. They were also featured in The Globe & Mail as one of the top wedding trends for 2010 (which I’ve also blogged about).

A Night of Romance offers a wonderful opportunity for newlyweds to mark their first night together in a romantic, special, and affordable way. Wouldn’t it be the sweetest gift to your new hubby or wife or even a thoughtful gift from a family member or friend?? LOVE IT!

Make sure to check out their website: www.anightofromance.ca



p.s. Lots of updates–will make time to post this week!!


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