Invitation Preview

We are in the midst of finalizing our invitations. J and his brothers have been busy cutting and gluing. J perfected the insert designs and colour. J and I have obsessed over the details and finetuned the layout. We asked our planner, my sisters, and brother-in-law to review the wording. J will make his way to the printer today!!

The card has one fold and a vertical pocket on the inside–it opens like a book. Here’s how the card is looking so far (minus the inserts):

We found the hot pink and silver damask paper at The Paper Place last week. We created a scene in the store. I love damask. And to find it in our wedding colours was just unbelievable.  I was so excited I couldn’t breathe.  J and I high fived each other in the store. I’m serious.




8 thoughts on “Invitation Preview

  1. LBB!

    Absolutely LOVE the invitations…you really should have no regrets about not going with an invitation company, since not only are these gorgeous, but also customized with hard work!

    Soooo, after you’re done with your wedding, can I hire you as my planner? Puh-lease? Lol.

    • Thanks, Preeti. I am happy with the invitations. Can’t wait to see the final version!

      As for planning your wedding–lol! I might be wedding’d out by the time mine is over! haha.

  2. I absolutely love your blog! I could relate to every post, from using black in your decor (still working on my mom on that one) ,loving damask, to reception lehnga problems, we’ve also visited the same vendors!

    Did you have a chance to meet with the perfect setting yet? how did that go?

    P.s. The invitations look amazing! You may have turned me into a DIY bride!

    • Thanks, P! I’m glad you can relate–it helps me feel much less alone! haha.

      we did meet with Perfect Setting and have confirmed her as the decorator! She is awesome and I’m so excited about our decor. I will blog about it…hopefully soon!

      Designing our own invitations was definitely a fun and gratifying experience–it was great to have creative control. It is A LOT of time and effort, though!! Will post our invitations soon!

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