Oh, Crap! Woulda, coulda, shoulda

I am usually pretty good at following this self-imposed rule: If I am in the midst of designing something or have already invested money into an aspect of the wedding, I SHOULD NOT continuing “looking” at other options.

I did that for the reception venue. For the wedding planner. For the wedding decorator. For my ceremony lengha. For my reception lengha. Hey, I even did that for my fiance.

But I didn’t follow MY rule for the invitations.

We’ve already bought the cardstock and paper. J has enslaved his little brothers in a cutting, folding, taping, and embossing assembly line.

I took the day off work today due to a marathon headache (it lasted almost 36 hours–what the heck?? I think the wedding stress is getting to me). I started to feel better after a much-needed trip to the massage therapist, and I sat down to look at hairstyles and jewelry in my pile of Indian wedding magazines–which I haven’t really looked through since March.

Lo and behold. What do I find? A modern, graphic ad (using my favourite font by the way–Century Gothic) for an invitation company called Vibrance Designs. Rather than flipping to the next page, I reacted reflexively–it’s like there was a neural connection between the ad and my hands rather than my hands and my brain. I reflexively picked up my laptop and typed in the web address for Vibrance Designs’ blog.

And what did I find?

The most awesome invitations ever!

Why didn’t I tag this ad the first time I went through the mag? Probably because I was attuned to the outfits and not thinking ahead to actually inviting people.

Yes, the emotion I’m feeling right now is regret. It’s not a good feeling. Vibrance Designs has the graphic, modern look that I love, but wasn’t sure how to reproduce while maintaining the Indian element.

Now I’m all paranoid that our cards are going to look like an arts and crafts project gone wrong. Oh god. Cue the anxiety. The relief from my massage has left the building.

I just got off the phone with J and told him about Vibrance Designs. I told him how great the invitations are and that I wished we found her earlier…but I think he could also hear some longing in my voice…longing to change our invitation design plan. And you know what? He actually offered to abandon ship–not with me,  with the invitations we already designed. He said we could return the papers we got from The Paper Place. I was like–no way. We can’t back out on this now. And he agreed. I think he might have suggested to abandon ship to subversively cue me to the ridiculous notion I had just formed. He reflected my idiocy back to me…and when I heard it from him, it sounded ludicrous!

But, a little part of me is thinking….hmm…maybe….? Do I even know where the receipt for The Paper Place is?  Where is the receipt!? *Panic*

Am I being unreasonable? Am I entering Bridezilla territory? Am I like one of those brides on Rich Bride, Poor Bride that I mock for their stupidity?

Oh, lawd have mercy.




7 thoughts on “Oh, Crap! Woulda, coulda, shoulda

  1. I think what you’re feeling is normal. Lots of brides go back and forth with every wedding detail. After I chose my wedding dress I wanted to take it back because like you I ignored the rule to stop looking at other options. Even as I was looking at other dresses I knew I shouldn’t have looked cause I was happy with the dress I found. In the end, you have to do what will make you happy and think if it will really make a difference to your wedding day. And it’s okay to change your mind- that doesn’t make you bridezilla =) Maybe you can have one of the designs on the envelope from Vibrance Designs and keep your design for your invites? maybe there is a way to use what you have already and use Vibrance Designs too?

  2. Thanks, ladies, for making me feel normal. So maybe I was being a bit over-dramatic in my post…but what would LBB be without a little drama?? My panic attack has subsided, thanks to J. He’s got a way of bringing me back to reality.

    Catastrophe diverted.

  3. Hi littlebrownbride,
    Thanks so much for the feature! And there are always ways you can still use Vibrance! Send me an email and I’ll tell you how! 😉 So happy you love our stuff! 🙂 Thanks so much for the post! Very sweet of you – now I have yet another blog I will be addicted to! 🙂
    Puja from Vibrance Designs

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