The Suit Makes the Man

“Suits are full of joy. They’re the sartorial equivalent of a baby’s smile.” Barney Stinson, aka Neil Patrick Harris

J has finalized the details for the custom suit he’ll be rocking at the reception. We paid the deposit earlier today, and yeehaw! It feels good, though the money spending’s still a-hurting.

We decided to go with a custom designed suit with the boys at Fifth on King. The guys are young, multicultural entrepreneurs in a rather competitive market. J and I like to support homegrown talent, and to be honest, if us coloured folk don’t support other coloured folk, how the heck will us coloured folk move forward? The coloured boys deserve love, too! They are currently located in a small storefront at Yonge & King, but are planning to move to a larger showroom a little southeast of their current location next month. I’m excited to see what it looks like!

Soks Van was our initial and main contact, followed by his colleague Davey. They showed us different suit material samples, shapes, and sizes. Who knew suits could be so complex? While choosing the material and trying to decipher between light, medium, and dark charcoal samples, J finally understood the angst I experienced when choosing the specific purple for my reception lengha: there’s the mild anxiety accompanied by that feeling in the pit of your stomach signalling your doubt. Am I making the right choice? That feeling delays the decision process, but you know you gotta just make it and make it now.

So, J decided to go with a three-piece suit in a medium charcoal. Hot!! A custom tailored white dress shirt with Frenh cuffs and a custom tie are included with the suit. Personalized lining is also available, and J chose a dark blue and silver damask pattern for the inside of the jacket. It’ll look awesome when he pops his blazer open and-bam!-you see the lining.  The three-piece suit, though costing more, offers the option for Joe to take off his jacket while dancing and still have the vest, making for a still-formal feel. Also, when J wears the suit again (which he will–why are men lucky like this)?, he can wear it without his vest and it won’t feel like he’s wearing his wedding suit again.

Though medium charcoal is perhaps an odd choice for a wedding reception suit, we chose it for the following reasons: black is too harsh on his skin tone; medium charcoal can be worn easily across seasons; it transfers well from a formal to less formal environment, like work or a job interview; and,  charcoal goes well with purple–my reception lengha colour.

A peculiar, and humorous, aspect of custom suit design is the measurement process. It reminds of the episode on Friends when Joey and Chandler were getting measured for suits. Guys normally keep such a distance from each other, but when measuring for a suit, hands reach up into some intimate spaces, yo! It makes me giggle–sorry, I’m a five-year-old. Also, to hear men comment about other men’s bodies is so…alien. The guys first stated that J must be quite active because of his build and then later remarked on his “soccer thighs”. But, the best–THE BEST–is how they described J’s ass.  One of the guys kept referring to J as having “a high seat”–in other words, a nice bubble boy bootaaaay. lol! I ain’t complaining. I’m a fan of the “high seats”.

The best moment, though, happened when the guys had J try on a sample jacket that fit him perfectly. There is nothing like a man in a well-made suit, especially when it’s your man. My stomach did a little flip, and I smiled a shy smile.

Barney Stinson’s right. Suits are full of joy.




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