A little over 3 months left!!

Hey folks,

Sorry for not posting in a while. It’s been really busy. I haven’t had a free night for almost two weeks, until tonight…and that’s only because I didn’t go to my bootcamp class after work today–just before my class, I realized I forgot to pack socks in my gym bag. I searched for women’s sports socks in Chinatown (which is close to my workplace), and I left empty-handed!! I thought Chinatown had everything! I couldn’t bear the thought of running around sock-less in a stuffy gym, and I went home.  So rather than work out in my condo gym, I hung out on the couch with my roomie, made some yummy beef stir fry, watched so you think you can dance (poor Alex :(), and did 3 loads of laundry. Pretty productive for a hot, steamy day in T.O.

Re: wedding stuff, been working on the invitations–we are making them from SCRATCH! We considered going with different vendors, but my creative fiance J and I will be pouring our blood, sweat, and (my) tears into the cards.  I promise to go through our design process in a future post, but thought I’d tantalize you with our colours: dark purple (my mom thinks it’s black), fuschia accents, and silver. The invitations will be verrrry different from most Indian wedding invitation cards, and I hope they turn out beautiful!

Been also trying to sort out my hair and make-up ladies. This is kinda stressful!! I’ve had one make up trial so far with Sherry Vanstone. Loved the look she gave me, and I loved her! I also tried to book a trial with a well-known make up/hair artist from the Indian community, and I was NOT impressed with her lack of professionalism. She took weeks to reply and she requested to change our trial date the day of our appointment!! I nixed that quick. (To save myself from being sued with libel, I will not name the company in my blog. BUT, if you’re interested, email me: littlebrownbride@gmail.com). My wedding planner also recommended Amplified Soul. They do good work, but they are waaay out of my budget.  I am trying to organize a trial with a freelance artist I found online. Wish me luck!

J and I are also starting to look for our own place. We’ll be renting a condo downtown. Not ready to own yet–we don’t have the money and we’re not quite ready to set our roots. We have a couple neighbourhoods in mind. I am extremely spoiled with the unit I’m renting now. I’ve got floor to ceiling windows and a gorgeous southeast view of Lake Ontario, and it’s going to be hard moving to a smaller unit with smaller windows…but…our wedded bliss will compensate, right….? Right??

Did some more Indian clothing store tours–have had good luck with Kaveri Kollection and Frontier in Brampton. Will try to post about my visits there.

Returned to The Bay to continue our registry. Proud to say we have more than 4 items now. It’s just as overwhelming as the first time. However, I must admit that while J and I walked through the lower level of The Bay on Queen with scanner in hand and clipboard hooked into my elbow, I got a girly, warm rush of excitement when I looked at J walking beside me and I thought about us starting our lives together. aaaaaaaaw. There is a bit of cheese in my heart, after all. We will be back at The Bay tomorrow. Hooray?

J and I went to The 5th on King for a custom suit consultation. The guys there are amazing. They know their suits. They know what looks good. And they know how to sell. The suit we like is over our budget. We walked away to think about it….but the more we think, the more we like. His suit will cost the same as my reception lengha, and frankly, the cost per wear for his suit will be astronomically better than mine!

That’s all for now, folks.




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