Guest Blogger: Planning Your Honeymoon by Travelhugger

My good friend, Travelhugger, is an avid traveller and always on the lookout for budget travel tips, which she writes about on her blog. J and I are starting to plan our honeymoon, and though we love to travel and have travelled with friends, we have never travelled as a couple!! And so, given that we have not voyaged on a romantic trip together,  I enlisted Travelhugger to share some advice for planning our honeymoon, and I thought I’d share it with my readers as well! Enjoy!

Booking your honeymoon is just as important as picking out what flowers to use for your wedding. This is the first trip as a married couple and a great way to unwind and relax after a year or so of planning a wedding. Trust me, after it’s all over you will want to just get away. Here are some things you should consider when booking your honeymoon:

1. Budget, Budget, Budget! Just like how you budget for your wedding, you should also budget for your honeymoon. Can you afford to go on a African Safari or just African Lion Safari in Cambridge, Ontario? Now that you are married, money becomes oh so important and you don’t want to start off with negative dollars after your wedding. Be smart and pick a location that you can afford. If you’re low on cash after your wedding, all inclusive vacations are always an option or you can take your honeymoon a couple months after your wedding during the off season.

2. Register your honeymoon. Instead of registering for that dinnerware set at Ashley’s that you will probably use maybe once, why not register for a honeymoon? This is also a good idea if you are already living with your fiance and you don’t really need anything for your home. Why not register for your dream Italian vacation?

3. Use a travel agent. If you are busy planning your wedding, why wouldn’t you use a travel agent? There are tons of travel agents out there that are specialized in booking honeymoon vacations. It’s one less thing for you to do and the travel agent will give you some great tips and advice for your honeymoon.

4. Tripadvisor is your friend. I’m all about checking up on reviews on resorts. If there is a resort that you are interested in, check out the reviews on Tripadvisor. I also like to check the photos from the reviewers. The pictures in brochures and websites always look nice–until you get there. Browse through the photos to get a sense of what the hotel or resort really looks like. Going through those photos on Tripadvisor has helped me pick hotels and resorts many times.

5. Pick a destination that you’ll both enjoy. As you start your life with your spouse, you will soon realize that marriage is about compromise and working together. Make a list of things you would like to do on your honeymoon (i.e., relax on the beach, explore the city) and the destinations you would like to see. Ask your fiance to do the same. Compare lists and agree on a destination together.

6. Honeymoon with friends. This may seem a bit odd because a honeymoon is for the newlyweds to enjoy ALONE. But why not have your closest friends come along for an extended celebration of your life together as a married couple? Now you don’t have to do the whole honeymoon with all your friends. You can spend a few days alone and then have your friends join you later.

7. Honeymoon doesn’t always have to be a beach vacation. Who says that honeymoons should only be beach vacations? If you like adventure, why not book an adventure vacation or book a volunteer vacation? What a great way to start your life as a married couple by helping out those in need in developing countries. Check out Habitat for Humanity’s global village volunteer program here.

8. Passport and required visas. With all the wedding planning, you might forget to check to see if your passport is valid. Make sure you do this months in advance and make sure to ask your travel agent if you need any visas.

9. Visit a travel clinic or see your doctor. If you’re traveling abroad, you may need to get shots or take medication before you leave. It would suck to get malaria on your honeymoon. But it would make a cool story!

10. Don’t forget to pack the essentials for sexy time! I’m not talking about lingerie here. I’m talking about contraceptives so junior doesn’t come 9 months later! Unless you want junior to arrive ASAP.

Happy Honeymoon Planning!

Thanks, Travelhugger, for your suggestions! Please make sure to check out her blog!


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