Wedding Trends 2010: Brown Bride Style (Part 2)

Hey all,

Continuation of my previous post, Wedding Trends 2010: Brown Bride Style. The trends already covered: Vintage Styling; Sustainable sit downs; Fashion forward head pieces; Small, intimate affairs.

5. Wedding videos as cinematic events

My sister was married 11 years ago, and we have 3 (maybe more?) VHS tapes full of  wedding footage. It’s boring, uneventful, and did I mention boring? Mercifully, the unedited, 9-hour long wedding sagas of years past is no longer in vogue.

Click on the link below for the video highlights of a grand Sikh wedding by the amazing Phototerra team. They captured the energy and the scope of the wedding impressively well. (A little tidbit for the bhangra fans out there: Watch out for Malkit Singh–he performed at this wedding!!!!)

A  caveat if you’ve never been to an Indian wedding before: this wedding’s a bit on the extravagant end of the spectrum. For those of you coming to my wedding, it will (hopefully) be awesome, but not in the unlimited budget awesome kinda way this wedding was. Malkit Singh will be there, but in the itunes version. & Brahmjot/1

6. Dramatic, tiered cakes

I’m not really feeling this trend. First off, I can’t eat regular cake (I’m allergic to wheat and dairy), and secondly, I think money can be spent elsewhere. Nonetheless, we are entitled to our opinions, and a beautiful cake is priority for many couples. Cakes are universal and can be easily adapted to meld with an Indian wedding.

Beautiful mendhi-inspired cake with gold ribbon. Kinda matches my reception lengha. Cake designed by Schockley's Sweet Shoppe; photo by David Schwartz Photography

Inter-cultural cake topper. How cute. (Image from Novelty Cake Toppers)

7. Bright coloured bridesmaid dresses

Us brown brides have got this one down–bright colours and Indian fashion are like Zack Morris and Kelly Kapowski: meant to be!  However…I’m not the biggest fan of matching Indian bridesmaids outfits. The hallmark of Indian design is its one-of-a-kind appeal, and it’s slightly disorienting to see 5 women wearing the same sari or suit. I’m also noticing many Indian brides dressing their bridesmaids in neutral colours, especially beige. With so many beautiful, vibrant options to choose from, why beige???

A cool take on this trend would be to dress your bridesmaids in different bright colours. For example, see pic below of a bride with her bridesmaids. The dresses represent the colours of a rainbow, and they go together beautifully. The overall look is fun, fashionable, and individual. Love it.

Image from (photo by Joel Flory from Flory Photo)

And now, imagine a bride surrounded by bridesmaids in colourful saris. Pretty, no?

8. Alternative registries

Rather than registering at the Bay for towels or Williams Sonoma for flatware, many couples are creating registries for honeymoons, cars, even their wedding photography. These alternative registries are geared more so for couples living common law prior to marriage.

How do you brown bride-ify this trend? I dunno. Maybe make a registry for your gold wedding jewelry? That ish is crazy expensive.

9. Wedding night staging

For those of us who grew up watching Bollywood movies, seeing the newly married bride and groom enter their room with a beautifully decorated matrimonial bed was a common sight. A Night of Romance, a company based in Toronto and run by two South Asian-Canadian women, borrows from this tradition and specializes in romanticizing the matrimonial suite. Their “Bollywood Night to Remember” package uses South Asian decorative elements to create a sensual suite made for the likes of Abishek and Ashwairya.

That’s all for tonight, folks. I’ll be busy the next few days. My friend from grad school is getting married. I’ll be attending my first Ismaili wedding and I am so excited! It’ll be a fun time catching up with old friends and participating in general wedding awesomeness.




6 thoughts on “Wedding Trends 2010: Brown Bride Style (Part 2)

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  2. I fell in love with the wedding night staging idea! It is so sweet and romantic. A perfect gift to give to a married couple, or for one partner to plan for another. How sweet!

    • Thanks, Asiya! I first came across A Night of Romance a couple months ago. It’s such a unique idea for the (somewhat over-saturated) wedding market. I am in the process of doing a feature on them on my blog–hopefully it will be up within a week! Keep an eye out for it!

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