Be my guest!

J and I are in the process of designing our invitations. It wasn’t until I initiated this process that I realized I have a crafty side! I hated art in elementary school, but collecting images, selecting designs, creating layouts, cutting and gluing paper, and using trial and error to determine our final invitation look absolutely delights me!!! I am loving this part of wedding planning!

Step 1: Inspiration

I foraged through wedding blogs,, and invitation websites to see what’s in trend and what’s unique. Here are some pieces that caught my attention:

From Atelier Isabey (a classic invitation design company):

From Soulful Moon (modern take on classic Indian design):

From Paper Marche (love the liner in the envelope, the bright colour, and graphic pattern):

The following images are all from independent artists on The individual etsy profile names are listed below the picture:

(Clockwise from top left: Cardinal Ink; Finished Work; Endearing Letters; The Stylish Scribe (love the tri-fold and pocket with inserts); The Stylish Scribe)

Inspiration conclusion: I’m feeling graphic patterns, mendhi artwork, bold colours, and a tri-fold card with pocket for inserts

Next step: Visits to Paper Things and The Paper Place (aka My Paper Heaven!)




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