Engagement shoot brainstorm!!

Tomorrow J and I are meeting with Sangeeta and Monty from Kumari to brainstorm for our upcoming engagement shoot! I’m so excited. I remember how our ideas flowed at our first meeting, and I’m eagerly anticipating what creative ideas Sangeeta and Monty have been stewing in their photography cauldrons.

Because our friendship and love started in high school, J and I originally thought it would be a great idea to shoot there!! A high fashion shoot with our grungy high school as backdrop–love it!

I would love to go glam for the shoot. A lot of couples are going the casual, lovey dovey route…and that’s not really us. J and I are very affectionate, but the idea of my relatives flipping through a guest book of images of J and I canoodling and smooching in a forest or garden makes my tummy feel funny.

For the shoot, I am thinking of wearing this Karen Millen dress I bought in Boston:

Colourblock shirt dress designed by Karen Millen (image from: http://www.karenmillen.com)

With a turquoise or fuschia hair accessory, with possibly a fascinator:

Hair pieces by Mikki Rizvi of Ever Thine (my pic from The Drake Wedding Show)

Hair piece to die for! (Image from google images, courtesy of Titfer Designs)

With a pair of coloured heels, either turquoise or fuschia:

Hello, Manolo! (image from http://www.manoloblahnikshoe.org)

Speaking of which, I saw a pair of gorgeous turquoise satin sandals at Nine West that meshed with the outfit construed in my brain (can’t find the image of the shoes online). Unfortunately, the heels were a little too high. I could walk, but not for long. I’m wondering if I can take the heel down by 1/2 inch–they were so pretty!

As for what J will wear, um….we’ll figure it out! lol!

Sangeeta also asked J and I for our fave movies, albums, and books in high school. I hate that I have such a bad memory and I had to try really hard to come up with this list:


Speed (I was OBSESSED with Keanu!!); Titantic; Good Will Hunting; The Lion King; In the Name of the Father; Dumb and Dumber; The Matrix

Albums–I don’t remember albums, but I remember artists:

SWV; TLC; Janet Jackson; Mary J; Boyz II Men; Green Day; Alanis Morisette; Whitney Houston (before the crack); Monica; Michael Jackson; No Doubt; Madonna; Mariah Carey (before she became Scarey); Toni Braxton; Spice Girls


Lord of the Flies; The Chrysalids; To Kill a Mockingbird; The Handmaid’s Tale; The Merchant of Venice. To be perfectly honest, I can’t remember what books I read besides what we were assigned in English class. I have a better memory of pre-high and post-high school faves.

Wish us luck!



p.s. I still have to give you updates on my reception lengha and decorator!! I’m planning also to do a feature on Milni.net and A Night of Romance, along with a feature on online shopping for Indian clothes. Stay Tuned!


6 thoughts on “Engagement shoot brainstorm!!

  1. Saw Kumari’s website – your pics are going to be breathtaking. Love the photographer’s eye and seeing relationships of the couples really comes through the pics! BTW – Love, love the shoes!!!

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