A Fine Balance

I spent a wonderful weeked in Boston. I relaxed, caught up with old friends, ate fabulous food, drank wonderful wine, and bought some cool clothes. I returned with a lighter wallet, but unfortunately not with my wedding shoes. The shoe selection was…underwhelming. I did find these these Louboutins I have been eying at Saks Fifth Avenue ON SALE:

Beautiful Louboutins (image from http://www.barneys.com)

But, after trying them on my size 5, bony feet, they looked sad. Sad. I didn’t think Sad and Louboutin could exist in the same sentence or even paragraph! But, alas, they can. I certainly walked out of several shops frowning like a little girl who wasn’t allowed to get the pretty Barbie with the sparkly pink dress on display in FAO Schwartz.

But, not to worry–I remain optimistic and my search will continue. Holt Renfrew is having their Designer Sale and, heck yes, I will be visiting their shoe department. I am hoping to score the slingback version of these Valentinos:

Worthy of wedding shoes status? (image from http://www.bergdorfgoodman.com)

On another note, I’ve been quite content with the wedding planning so far and haven’t faced many disappointments. Unfortunately, this hasn’t been a good week. Our guest list is finalized and it exceeds our ideal number. When we booked the reception venue, we were told we did not need the whole banquet hall and a divider wall would be put up. Another party could possibly book the other space, but there was a slim chance. With our current numbers, the space could be too tight so we asked for the whole room….but the venue booked another party in the other section for the SAME NIGHT!! We must now share the venue with another party (though we’ll be separated by an ugly partition wall that costs over $1000 to beautify), tolerate a smaller space with more guests, and potentially hear the other party’s music trespassing across the partition wall. I am so disappointed.

I realize these are minor worries, particularly given the fact that fish are drowning in oil and fisherman are falling ill in the Gulf of Mexico, but for now, my wedding is the centre of my universe. I’m going to sit in the corner, cross my arms, pout my lips, and simply indulge myself for a little while.


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