Shoe Gods, hear my prayer

Dear Shoe Gods,

I am in Boston right now, typing on my good friend K’s computer. I’ve travelled here with my honourary MOH, A, for a weekend getaway, to catch up with an old friend, bask in the energy of a different city, and most importantly, scour the endless high end stores in Boston for a pair of designer shoes for my wedding.

And by designer I mean Louboutin, Choo, Blahnik, Valentino. If Carrie Bradshaw didn’t wear them and J Lo didn’t sing about them in her ridiculous song, I don’t want them!

K's Manolos and my Choos!

I know I already have a pair of beautiful Jimmy Choos that K, as only a real friend would, helped me score two summers ago.

I know that they were expensive and they are still in perfect condition…and perhaps wanting another pair of designer shoes is somewhat greedy (and putting me in danger of committing one of the 7 deadly sins), but this is my wedding!

A wedding is a just reason for another pair of extravagant and beautiful shoes, no?

I would forever appreciate your assistance in my search, Dear Shoe Gods, and perhaps I will sacrifice a pair or two of shoes as thanks. I can’t sacrifice my Choos, though…I mean, part of your role as Shoe Gods is to help me build my designer shoe collection, right?

Wish me luck!




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