Registry Anxiety

The idea of going into a big department store with a scanner in hand, the freedom to select any and every item my heart desires, and knowing that someone else will purchase these items for me should create a sense of excitement and anticipation. Right?

So why does it give me a sick feeling in my stomach? Why have I procrastinated scheduling my appointment with The Bay? Why am I so not looking forward to our first registry consultation tomorrow?

Maybe this unease can be traced back to the first wedding show J and I attended. We were accosted by vendors of all sorts from all angles. The little lady from The Bay booth, who seemed so nice and friendly at first, welcomed us to preview the registry catalogue and thereafter had us sign up for the registry with little difficulty. But, after agreeing, she bombarded us with several different items and contests to enter. She asked us if we wanted to enter the Jamie Oliver contest or the cutlery contest or the small appliances contest or the bedding contest or the Kate Spade contest or the Kitchen Aid select your appliance contest. She talked to us about the possible combinations of contests and the potential prizes and benefits. J and I stood there overwhelmed and dumbfounded. We still had no idea about our wedding date at that point, let alone whether we wanted a Jamie Oliver culinary set over a T-Fal set. After about 5 minutes, the little Bay lady must have realized our silence didn’t mean we were thoughtfully considering options, but that we were a shocked and confused newly engaged couple who had not yet come to terms with the reality that we needed a pot set to start our matrimonial lives together. She simply accepted our decision to sign up for the registry sans contest entries and directed us to another area of the booth.

So our consultation date looms over me. And I am so confused. I have a 30 page brochure featuring culterly. 30 pages of cutlery!! How the heck do you make a decision?? I never realized there were 18 different knife sets, all of which look pretty damn similar to me. There are “no-stain” stainless steel knives, and carbon “no-stain” stainless steel knives, and ceramic knives, and Japanese knives…and…all I want is a knife that will cut a tomato without squishing it.


I do, however, have these dream items:

I love cleaning. Isn’t this the sexiest vacuum cleaner ever?

The Dyson DC25 All floor luxury vacuum cleaner. Yes, a luxury vacuum cleaner. (image from

I love anything caffeinated. Tea. Coffee. Latte. Espresso. Yum yum.

Rancilio Silvia Espresso Machine. Average cost $700 (image from

Wish us luck!!




2 thoughts on “Registry Anxiety

  1. I’ve got a better idea…skip the dept store and register with The site rocks. You are registering for cash gifts that you can use to buy whatever you want. You can do it all from home online. The dept store was really stressing me out and this changed everything. I highly recommend it. The nice part is you can still put that you are registering for a vacuum or the knives you mention, but you don’t have to decide now. We did ours as a honeymoon registry (, but if you go on their samples page you’ll see home registries too. It’s much easier and more fun. Good luck. It will all work out. Just breathe 🙂

  2. You’re stressing too hard girl. It’s lot of fun. Make sure to put the Dyson on your registry. The Henckels knife set is pretty good. Just don’t pick a plate set that is $100 for the plate and $50 for the cup (you know who I’m talking about) Hahah.

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